Forged In Fire: 'Bladesgiving' Weapons

Forged In Fire continues to thrill fans with its presentation of iconic weapons from every era of history, featuring intense competition between dedicated bladesmiths who compete for prize money and bragging rights. From famous television blades to key military weaponry, the episodes below highlight some of the series' most intriguing swords, axes and more. Read about each weapon and watch the episode it was featured in.

Épée de Combat

Appeared in Season 7, Episode 26: Game of Forges

Season 7, Episode 26: Game of Forges: Two competitors head back to their home forges to recreate Arya Stark's Needle from "Game of Thrones." Which smith will forge a blade worthy of the iron throne? Watch now.

The famous sword wielded by Aria Stark in the Game of Thrones series draws its inspiration from the Épée de Combat. An unassuming but vicious sword designed primarily for thrusting. The blade's low weight and needle-thin point allowed for deadly thrusts, which is how Aria used it to inflict vengeance upon her enemies. The Épée de Combat also featured a guard to protect the user's hand—a necessary feature for the weapon Aria used in her quest to avenge the Stark family.

Boateng Saber

Appeared in Season 7, Episode 35: The Boateng Saber

Season 7, Episode 35: The Boateng Saber: In honor of Veteran’s Day, four bladesmiths pay tribute in a special military themed competition, forging their blades from the biggest salvage yet–a panzer tank. Watch now.

The Boateng Saber holds the world record as the most expensive sword ever sold, at $7.7 million in 2008. Originally commissioned by the Chinese Emperor Qianlong in the 18th century, this elaborate weapon is inlaid with gold, copper and jewels. In addition to its beauty, the slightly curved blade featured a sharp lethal edge ideal for slashing into an opponent. Combining artisanal craftsmanship and deadly practicality, this weapon is worthy of an all-powerful ruler.

"Mad" Jack Churchill’s Scottish Backsword

Appeared in Season 7, Episode 9: Military Tribute

Season 7, Episode 9: Military Tribute: In honor of Veteran’s Day, four bladesmiths pay tribute in a special military themed competition, forging their blades from the biggest salvage yet–a panzer tank. Watch now.

Known for assaulting enemy positions with his Scottish backsword drawn, "Mad" Jack Churchill earned his nickname and the respect of his troops for his famed exploits during World War II. He was also known for his motto: “Any officer who goes into action without a sword is improperly dressed”. His favorite sword, the backsword first came into use during the sixteenth century and is recognized for its basket hilt that covers the user's hand, offering complete protection. Plus, featuring a straight and lethal single edge, the weapon was a brutal slicer and thruster on the battlefield; especially when wielded by Mad Jack. While not related to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Mad Jack was a true wartime hero, who did his part to help win the war in Europe.

Sword of Perseus

Appeared in Season 7, Episode 1: Sword of Perseus

Season 7, Episode 1: Sword of Perseus: Four bladesmiths are sent on an Odyssey worthy of the Greek Gods: forge a blade from Greek armor and artifacts using the Go-Mai, or the five-layer technique. Watch now.

As a Son of Zeus, the Greek Demigod Perseus is best known for decapitating Medusa with his mighty sword. The legendary weapon is described as having a short leaf-shaped blade that was perfect for cutting, slashing and thrusting. According to the myth, Perseus was given this blade by the Greek goddess, Athena, who wanted medusa destroyed. Later, Perseus used the head of Medusa to turn the massive Kraken sea monster to stone. Though the story is fiction, you can watch Perseus slay Medusa in the film Clash of the Titans. Or visit renowned Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini's bronze depiction in Florence, Italy.

M1905 Springfield Bayonet

Appeared in Season 8, Episode 4: M1905 Springfield Bayonet

Season 8, Episode 4: Sword of Perseus: Four smiths must rely on their math skills to determine the amount the steel needed to make their signatures blades. Watch now.

Developed in the early 1900s, the M1905 Springfield bayonet was used by the American infantry from World War I through the Vietnam War—that's nearly 70 years. These versatile weapons were designed with a mechanical device in the pommel that attached securely to the rifle. They also featured a comfortable handle, making it a very effective weapon in hand-to-hand combat. Employing a sharp single edge, a long fuller and a false edge, this lightweight bayonet could quickly deliver stabs and slashes to an opponent. The bayonet is still used today during military ceremonies and can be seen in numerous classic war films, including 1998's The Thin Red Line.

Headhunter's Axe

Appeared in Season 8, Episode 9: Headhunter's Revenge

Season 8, Episode 9: Headhunter's Revenge: Four smiths get to choose their forging method and materials. But there's a catch. Each technique comes with its own clock for the round. Watch now.

The headhunter axe is both a tool and a weapon of the native Igorot tribe, who hailed from the mountains of the Philippines. Featuring a sharp spike on one side that is used to pierce shields of armor, it also contains a wide, lethal axe head on the other side designed to swiftly decapitate the heads of their enemies in the heat of battle. Many of the severed heads would be displayed by the victors to intimidate their enemies. The legacy of this deadly axe lives on today and can be seen in the video game State of Decay, Break Down.

Serrated Tegha Sword

Appeared in Season 8, Episode 8: Teeth of the Tegha

Season 8, Episode 8: Teeth of the Tegha: After an intense first round, the finalists get the opportunity to create one of the most important weapons from history, the Roman Gladius. Watch now.

Originating in India in the 18th century, this intimidating curved sword was known to be a very effective executioner. Its unique design features a nearly three-foot-long blade with a split tip and serrated edges that could easily behead a man. Its two-pronged tip is a powerful symbol throughout the Islamic world and is inspired by the legendary sword Zulfiqar, which is believed to be descended from the Prophet Muhammad.

Giant Sword of William Wallace

Appeared in Season 8, Episode 5: The Giant Sword of William Wallace

Season 8, Episode 5: The Giant Sword of William Wallace: Four bladesmiths are faced with a gigantic challenge, scaling down a nine foot long dagger to exactly a fifth of its size. Watch now.

Armed with this gigantic, two-handed claymore, William Wallace was known for leading the Scottish rebellion against the English during the late 12th century. Measuring over five feet in length, the blade amazingly weighed less than 6 lbs., making it both lightweight and long enough to deliver deadly blows against the enemy on horseback or on foot. Wallace led his troops to victory with his namesake sword during the famous battle of Stirling Bridge. Memorialized as a Scottish hero, Wallace, portrayed by actor Mel Gibson can be seen wielding his iconic sword in the 1996 blockbuster, Braveheart.

Sword of Goujian

Appeared in Season 7, Episode 29: Baby Boomer vs Gen Z

Season 7, Episode 29: Baby Boomer vs Gen Z: Baby Boomers and Gen Z-ers face off in an Old vs. New competition. Watch now.

The Sword of Goujian is an exquisitely crafted Jian sword. This weapon was wielded King Goujian, ruler of China's Kingdom of Yue in the 4th century BC. After brutal battles between the Yue and the Wu, King Goujian was forced into slavery in exchange for sparing his people. After three years of servitude, King Goujian rebuilt his empire, conquered the dwindling kingdom of Wu and was bestowed this sword. Featuring a sharp lethal tip, intricate blue crystal and turquoise guard, the sword was just as ornate as it was deadly. Now, more than 2500 years later, the personal sword of King Goujian was discovered by archaeologists in remarkable condition—still, with a razor-sharp edge. It has been called one of the most intact artifacts ever found.

Horseman's Tabar and Hidden Dagger

Appeared in Season 7, Episode 31: Titanium Smackdown

Season 7, Episode 31: Titanium Smackdown: Four smiths must forge handles in round one using a metal never before seen in this competition--titanium. Watch now.

The Horseman's Tabar is a light, fast axe primarily used by Indian cavalry from the 16th to 18th Centuries. Devastating on the battlefield, this lethal axe was constructed entirely of steel, making the weapon strong and forceful enough to cleave through both armor and flesh. Adding to its versatility, the weapon also contained a hidden dagger in its pommel, designed to deliver a killing thrust. According to Hindu mythology, the god Parashurama used the Horseman's Tabar to defeat multiple generations of corrupt kings.