Tu Lam


If you look the word badass up invariably you’ll see a photo of Tu Lam. This veteran warrior spent 23 years serving in the Special Forces. He made it to the most highly ranked elite force in the US Military, special missions unit, before retiring and starting his own tactical gear and training company – Ronin Tactics.

An edged weapons master, Tu has studied Filipino martial arts, military tactical weapon fighting, and designs his own blades. Tactical blades are his specialty but he’s well versed in all edged weapons. He lives by the blade and knows the history of each weapon and what it was used in war.

Tu lives his life by the Bushido Code. Loyalty, courage, and honor are at the root of who he is. He’s had 30+ years of training in every form of martial arts. From Kali to Jiu Jitsu, he’s traveled to where these martial arts were invented and studied each craft with its’ masters. This blades master knows great skills and looks forward to seeing weapons of all kinds tested on the “Forged in Fire: Knife or Death” course. Coming to Knife or Death as our Edged Weapons Expert and co-host, Tu is expecting that those who are well rounded in martial arts to have the best blade techniques, but is open to being surprised by the non-traditional training methods of some of the blade wielders coming to take on the course.