Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy

Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy

S 2 E 4

Naked Cowboys & Reptile Wrangling

Feb 01, 2012 | 44m 13s | tv-14 d,l | CC

Larry finds us a few crazy ways Americans earn a living. He begins in Florida at a multi-generational family farm where the sole crop is alligators. This means wrangling live (and scary) gators and learning the odd process used to skin them. Then, Larry joins a construction crew who are making their living on a 20-year gig building a medieval castle. The catch: it has to be done using only medieval construction methods. And in medieval clothing! Larry’s final stop is New York City where he strips down to his under britches to really feel what it’s like to make a buck in Times Square with the Naked Cowboy.

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