Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy

Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy

S 3 E 11

Larry Goes Hollyweird

Jul 24, 2013 | 44m 8s | tv-14 d,l | CC

Larry sets out to show us that Los Angeles is still the world’s leading producer of peculiar people, a task that proves to be amazingly easy. He first tackles the array of wacky health fads, jumping from laughing yoga to the vibrating gym to a workout with the ultimate health nut, Richard Simmons. He then takes a brief visit to the odd world of the LA hipster dodgeball league before fleeing from those speeding rubber balls. He sees another kind of strangeness when he meets an airline obsessive guy who is lovingly re-creating a Pan Am 747, just to hang out in. And what trip to LA would be complete without famous people sightings? Larry uncovers the underside of fame as he joins forces with the paparazzi to give us a unique peak into the madness of celebrity culture.

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