Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy

Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy

S 3 E 13

Larry Caves In

Aug 07, 2013 | 44m 8s | tv-14 d/l | CC

Larry will prove that Americans know how to get the most out of nature–even if it kills him! This arduous trip through the Tennessee Valley begins as he spelunks his way through a mile of dark caverns to get to the Lost Sea, America’s largest underground lake. Then he braves epic carsickness to slay “The Dragon”, the nation’s windiest highway that sports 318 curves in 11 miles. Finally, Larry hikes a portion of the Appalachian Trail to get to the majestic Fontana Dam in North Carolina. Here he sees the crown jewel of the Tennessee Valley Authority and learns how turning water into power helped end the depression and win a world war.

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