Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy

Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy

S 3 E 8

Larry's Vegas Hangover

Jun 26, 2013 | 44m 9s | tv-14 d/l | CC

Larry heads to Las Vegas to immerse himself in the extremes that only Sin City can provide. He starts aboard the Hangover Heaven bus, a roving recovery vehicle for last night’s hard partiers. He then hits the Heart Attack Grill, the eatery that proudly serves up high-caloric cardiac nightmares. He then teams up with his old pal Carrot Top to show off the town’s most destructive resident, a mechanical monster called Robosaurus. After seeing the only laundry facility big enough to handle the extreme needs of the Vegas hotels, Larry joins America’s most famous male strippers and puts on a Chippendale show like no other!

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