Richard "Rip" Taggart Played by Walton Goggins

A commanding leader and brilliant solider, Rip has served valiantly for 17 years as a SEAL, elevenĀ of those on SEAL Team Six. Fighting an endless war and facing unspeakable atrocities have taken their toll.

A father figure to both Graves and Caulder, when Rip lets his anger and hunger for vengeance cloud his judgment on a mission, Caulder calls him on it; an unforgivable betrayal in Graves’s eyes.

Exiled from the Team and the SEAL life that defined him, Rip has cut all ties to his teammates and his family and is doing contractor work for money in Nigeria. After he’s captured with a Nigerian teacher and her schoolgirl students, Rip has to rediscover his SEAL identity to save them, but he also has to rediscover his humanity.