The Food That Built America

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Season 3 (12)

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Episode 12 Pasta Party
S 3 E 12

Pasta Party

Aired on May 15, 2022

When brothers Hector and Mario Boiardi open an Italian restaurant in Cleveland in 1924, neither man realizes that their quest to introduce Italian food to Americans will result in one of the nation’s most iconic brands. But their success attracts the attention of a food giant, and the brothers soon find themselves in competition for space on grocery store shelves with James Kraft, and his newest offering, Mac & Cheese.

Episode 11 Let Them Eat Snack Cakes
S 3 E 11

Let Them Eat Snack Cakes

Aired on May 08, 2022

When a New York bakery owner passes away suddenly, his wife Martha Entenmann takes the reigns of the company and grows it into a national powerhouse. Meanwhile, a married couple have bankrupted one bakery, but are determined to succeed their second time around and conquer the baking world with a revolutionary way to sell snack cakes, including their iconic oatmeal creme pie.

Episode 10 Chain Reaction
S 3 E 10

Chain Reaction

Aired on May 01, 2022

In New York City, former Olympic wrestler Rocky Aoki and a perfume salesman become the unlikely fathers of a casual dining revolution when they open wildly different establishments in the heart of the city: one of America’s first Japanese restaurants, and a swinging singles bar that will go on to become one of the country’s most iconic restaurant chains.

Episode 9 Beyond the Burger
S 3 E 9

Beyond the Burger

Aired on Apr 24, 2022

Restaurateur Glen Bell works to create a burger alternative for the overcrowded fast-food market and after several setbacks goes on to help introduce the taco to America with his namesake restaurant; while two brothers also look to beat the burger by betting that a roast beef sandwich can compete with the national burger chains.

Episode 8 Pop Stars
S 3 E 8

Pop Stars

Aired on Apr 17, 2022

Small town farmer Orville Redenbacher has a lifelong dream of creating the perfect popcorn kernel, leading to the first significant development of popcorn in thousands of years which he sells nationwide, eventually pitting him against industry rivals for supremacy of America’s oldest snack.

Episode 7 The Beef is On
S 3 E 7

The Beef is On

Aired on Apr 12, 2022

When Colonel Sanders sells his company to investors in 1964, the new owners identify a rising star within the organization: Dave Thomas. But Thomas–a visionary franchisee and prot g of Colonel Sanders himself–soon becomes one of their most bitter rivals, and within a few short years, his newly-founded burger chain will give the fried chicken joint a run for its money, and become one of the most popular restaurants in the world.

Episode 6 Cookie Fortunes
S 3 E 6

Cookie Fortunes

Aired on Apr 03, 2022

Hollywood agent Wally Amos transforms his professional life when he decides to make and sell his own gourmet chocolate chip cookies, and opens America’s first cookie store. Meanwhile, housewife Debbi Fields opens her homestyle cookie shop in a mall and beats the odds to become the largest cookie store chain in the nation.

Episode 5 The Best Thing Since...
S 3 E 5

The Best Thing Since...

Aired on Mar 27, 2022

In a quest to dominate the growing commercial bread industry, Lee Marshall bets on a new kind of white loaf, unwittingly inspiring a homemaker named Margaret Rudkin to come up with a healthier alternative.

Episode 4 A Dish Best Served... Soft
S 3 E 4

A Dish Best Served... Soft

Aired on Mar 20, 2022

When his ice cream truck breaks down, Tom Carvel discovers that half-melted ice cream is a surefire hit with customers. But while he works to mass produce this new soft serve treat, John and Alex McCullough hit upon the same idea, and grow their fledgling business into what will become Carvel’s biggest rival.

Episode 3 Do or Donut
S 3 E 3

Do or Donut

Aired on Mar 13, 2022

When a commercial caterer realizes his two best selling items are donuts and coffee, he joins forces with his brother-in-law to create a revolutionary donut chain. Soon a rivalry starts with a beloved Southern-based donut shop, with both on a collision course, destined to become nationwide icons.

Episode 2 A Cold One
S 3 E 2

A Cold One

Aired on Mar 06, 2022

In the late 1800s, German immigrants Joseph Schlitz and Captain Frederick Pabst find themselves in a battle for beer dominance. In their fight for one upmanship they will help create the most popular alcoholic beverage on the planet, introduce lager beer to the nation, and become two of the biggest companies on Earth for half a century.

Episode 1 Submarine Warfare
S 3 E 1

Submarine Warfare

Aired on Feb 27, 2022

High School friends see an alternative to fast food with the “submarine” sandwich. But they are quickly met with the fierce competition of a new submarine joint, started by a physicist, that is trying to perfect the art of the franchise, and will go on to be the biggest restaurant chain in the world.

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