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S 1 E 5

Fowl Play

Aired on Jun 01, 2018
Marc, Jason and Travis follow the trail back to New York where they discover traces of a shadow government bent on keeping Nikola Tesla's files secret.
S 1 E 4

Secret Weapons

Aired on May 25, 2018

Researcher Marc Seifer finds the smoking gun evidence proving the U.S. military wanted Tesla’s secret files. Jason Stapleton and Travis Taylor investigate a link between Tesla’s last patent and one of the Air Force’s most advanced aircrafts. The team makes an astonishing connection between Wardenclyffe Tower and the New Yorker Hotel.

S 1 E 3

Tesla's Tower

Aired on May 18, 2018

The team investigates Nikola Tesla’s final residence, The New Yorker Hotel, and find incredible evidence that it served as much more than a home to the controversial inventor. They also travel to Wardenclyffe, Tesla’s infamous, abandoned laboratory where even more stunning secrets are discovered deep underground.


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