Season 5 (12)

5 Seasons | 61 Episodes

Episode 1 Best of the Best
S 5 E 1

Best of the Best

Aired on May 29, 2013

Many have fallen short of the title; now sixteen All-Stars compete to become the next Top Shot. In the first challenge, marksmen climb ropes to fire the SVT 40, shimmy up a pole to shoot the Larue Tactical OBR and balance on an unstable platform with the FAL ISS. Two face elimination, where the fierce M32 Grenade Launcher threatens to knock a player out of the running. Colby Donaldson returns as host.

Episode 2 Tricks of the Trade
S 5 E 2

Tricks of the Trade

Aired on Jun 05, 2013

For the first time in Top Shot history, trick shots will determine who stays and who goes. Reminiscent of a Wild West Show, three teams of five perform the Annie Oakley shot; knock back bowling pins, and shoot pipes out of mannequins’ mouths. Showy shots challenge two marksmen sent to elimination, where only one will progress while the other is sent packing.

Episode 3 Pick Your Poison
S 5 E 3

Pick Your Poison

Aired on Jun 12, 2013

Fourteen remaining marksmen face an old challenge with a new twist. Players must pick a rival to shoot against in a head to head, high-speed showdown featuring the Sig Sauer P229. However, when two buddies head to the elimination round, friendships are put to the test. Nothing short of perfection will allow them to edge out their competition and guarantee their futures.

Episode 4 Crank Trigger
S 5 E 4

Crank Trigger

Aired on Jun 19, 2013

In a challenge best suited for a British battlefield in the Middle Ages, contestants test their skills with the Black Widow Long Bow. But as they fire arrows toward targets set up like ski-ball, the marksmen realize the challenge is more than they bargained for. Two confront the prospect of elimination and must adapt to the revolutionary Gatling Gun to stay in the game.

Episode 5 Shooting Dice
S 5 E 5

Shooting Dice

Aired on Jun 26, 2013

The fate of twelve rests on a roll of the dice. The competitors break into squads for a fierce side-by-side shoot out with the 1875 Remington Pistol. But fortune doesn’t favor two, who must fire against the clock with the Ruger 1022 Rifle in an old-fashioned shooting gallery challenge. One will fall short and one will continue on to battle it out for the ultimate prize.

Episode 6 The Mile Shot
S 5 E 6

The Mile Shot

Aired on Jul 10, 2013

Long-range sniper shots are a Top Shot staple, but a challenge of this magnitude has yet to be seen. Marksmen are put to the test with the Barrett M-Rad. But the wind sends their bullets astray and two flunk out, forced to face elimination. Credited with killing off the Wooly Mammoth, the prehistoric Atlatl will lead one competitor’s future to extinction.

Episode 7 Thread the Needle
S 5 E 7

Thread the Needle

Aired on Jul 17, 2013

A returning challenge receives a daring makeover, literally throwing contestants for a loop. The spin of a wheel determines their bodies’ angle as they aim with the Rutgers Security Six Revolver. But two veteran marksmen do not deliver, sending them to the elimination round where they must cleanly fire a bullet through a narrow tube. Failing to shoot on the straight and narrow will unseat one and preserve his opponent for another day.

Episode 8 Familiar Foes
S 5 E 8

Familiar Foes

Aired on Jul 24, 2013

Split into squads of three, the nine remaining competitors face the most extreme and exciting trick shots of seasons past. Their talents are put to the test as they open capped bottles, blow cotton swabs to bits, and knock soda cans out of the air. Transported to the battlefields of yore, two players on the verge of elimination must successfully man Hotchkiss Cannons or be sent home.

Episode 9 Big Boom
S 5 E 9

Big Boom

Aired on Jul 31, 2013

With the half the competition eliminated, the remaining eight marksmen continue to vie for the top spot. In a season first, competitors blast clay birds mid flight with Benelli Shotguns. In the elimination challenge, the cross bow pits two competitors against each other. But this season there’s an All Star twist and contestants have to put up or be shut down–permanently.

Episode 10 Zip or Ship
S 5 E 10

Zip or Ship

Aired on Aug 14, 2013

In the most daunting challenge to date, marksmen are strapped to a mechanical arm and sent soaring with the SP89. While rotating in a large circle they must shoot out a series of targets or face elimination. Two competitors zoom down a zip line course, putting their recoil management and rapid transitioning skills to the test.

Episode 11 A Game of Horse
S 5 E 11

A Game of Horse

Aired on Aug 21, 2013

In a blast from the past, marksmen fire the Browning M1919 from a rolling Army Half-track. Competitors call the shots in a game of horse, where one all-star fails to keep pace and is sent packing.

Episode 12 Last Man Standing
S 5 E 12

Last Man Standing

Aired on Aug 28, 2013

The final four must crawl through a tunnel, dodge barbed wire, and slither through mud with an AK-47. With the title of Top Shot All-Stars at stake, various weapons from the season test the speed and precision of the last two competitors in this fast-paced showdown.

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