Keith Connolly

Sioux City, Iowa
U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilot (F-100s & F-4s)
Service: Spring 1965 – Fall 1965 and Spring 1969 – Winter 1969

Born in Sioux City and raised in Denver, Colorado, army brat Keith Connolly always knew he loved the military life and its promise of adventure and excitement. Landing at Da Nang Airfield in February of 1965, Connolly was among the first USAF units to be stationed within South Vietnam. Within weeks of Connolly’s arrival, he participated in one of the war’s first massive bombing campaigns, known as Operation Rolling Thunder, flying countless missions against strategic targets in North Vietnam. In June of 1969 Connolly returned to South Vietnam for a second tour, this time flying F-4 Phantoms targeting the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Connolly remained in the Air Force until 1990, when he retired with the rank of Brigadier General. Today he remains active in veterans’ organizations.