Thank a Veteran at Work

Thank A Veteran at Work

HISTORY invites you to participate in Thank a Veteran at Work. This program encourages businesses and organizations large and small to take time out of the day to thank the veterans in our workplaces. Veterans come from all walks of life and all backgrounds, and through their service they have made an enormous contribution to our nation. Thank a Veteran at Work serves as a meaningful reminder to all Americans about the importance of supporting those who have served, from the greatest generation of WWII vets to the newly returning veterans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

HISTORY is honored that First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, actor Bradley Cooper, and athlete Johnny Damon have joined us in thanking veterans through public service announcements. HISTORY is also proud to be working with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to reach communities nationwide through Thank a Veteran at Work.

HISTORY has developed a list of simple ways employers and employees can say thank you to veterans in their companies and organizations. View our "How To" guide for ideas about how you can organize an event to honor veterans on or around Veterans Day, celebrated each year on November 11th. Whether it is “thank you” email to all veterans or a company-wide celebration, Thank a Veteran at Work offers a great way to learn more about the contributions veterans have made through their service. HISTORY has created colorful "Thank You Veterans" stickers and posters for distribution to veterans and all employees. Interested in getting your business or organization involved in this program? Email us at with your address and information and we'll send you 100 stickers to distribute and a poster to display in your workplace.