AUTHOR: Sarah Pruitt
Bob Hoover, WWII Fighter Pilot & Air Show Ace, Dies at 94
October 26, 2016

After escaping a POW camp and flying a stolen German plane to freedom, Bob Hoover spent a long, brilliant career testing aircraft, training military pilots and performing in air shows worldwide. Read More

Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians: A History Time Capsule
October 25, 2016

In honor of this historic matchup, we take a look back at what was going on in the country—and the world—the last time each of these two teams took home the title. Read More

Archaeologists Uncover 8,000-Year-Old Goddess Figurine in Central Turkey
October 19, 2016

An international team working at a Neolithic site in central Turkey recently discovered a limestone figurine that could depict a fertility goddess, or a high-status woman. Read More

Greeks May Have Influenced China’s Terra Cotta Army
October 17, 2016

Archaeologists working on the famed Terra Cotta Army in China now believe their lifelike appearance could have been modeled on ancient Greek sculptures. Read More

Secrets of New Dead Sea Scrolls Come to Light
October 11, 2016

Two new books detail the contents of more than 25 previously unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls, the fragments of ancient texts containing narratives from the Hebrew Bible. Read More

Have Humans Hit the Limit of Our Life Span?
October 6, 2016

New research claims that despite rising life expectancy over the past century, humans have a natural biological limit to our life span—and we’ve already reached it. Read More

New Study Confirms Ancient Maya Codex is Genuine
October 5, 2016

Archaeologists have concluded that the nearly 900-year-old Grolier Codex, long believed to be a forgery, is authentic, making it the oldest known document created in the Americas. Read More

80-Foot Gate and Shrine Excavated in Ancient City of Tel Lachish
October 3, 2016

Archaeologists recently uncovered an impressive gate and shrine from the First Temple period (eighth century B.C.) in Israel’s ancient city of Tel Lachish. Read More

Piltdown Man Hoaxer Acted Alone, Study Say
September 30, 2016

A new study concludes that the infamous Piltdown Man fossils, once believed to represent the missing evolutionary link between apes and humans, were the work of a single forger. Read More

Did Humans Kill Off the Hobbits?
September 26, 2016

New carbon dating of ancient teeth found on the Indonesian island of Flores suggests early humans may have driven the “hobbit” species Homo floresiensis into extinction. Read More