AUTHOR: Sarah Pruitt
The Birth of SEAL Team Six
December 2, 2016

Explore the (mostly) secret history of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, aka SEAL Team Six. Read More

After Pearl Harbor: The Race to Save the U.S. Fleet
December 1, 2016

The Japanese attack caught the U.S. Navy off guard but ultimately failed to cripple its war effort at sea, thanks to a massive salvage effort that began almost as soon as the smoke cleared. Read More

Heroes of Pearl Harbor: George Welch and Kenneth Taylor
November 28, 2016

During the attack on Pearl Harbor, U.S. pilots George Welch and Kenneth Taylor managed to get airborne under fire—twice—and shot down at least six Japanese planes between them. Read More

Inside the Drug Use That Fueled Nazi Germany
November 21, 2016

An explosive bestseller mined the records of Adolf Hitler’s personal doctor, among other sources, to uncover details of the long-rumored drug use by many in the Nazi regime. Read More

Crowdfunding Campaign Launches for Historic Space Mission
November 15, 2016

Project Blue aims to build and launch a space telescope that can find and photograph an Earth-like planet outside our solar system for the first time. Read More

The Fight to Save the Wright Brothers’ Factory
November 14, 2016

Local preservationists and fans of aviation history are struggling to save the Wright brothers’ original factory in Dayton, Ohio, and turn it into a museum. Read More

Jefferson & Adams: Founding Frenemies
November 1, 2016

The two founding fathers, who share a special place in American history, had a long, complicated relationship over the course of their lives. Read More

OSS: The Predecessor of the CIA
October 28, 2016

Some 13,000 men and women worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the U.S. intelligence agency during World War II and the forerunner of the modern CIA. Read More

Oldest Known Inscription of 10 Commandments Goes Up for Auction
October 27, 2016

A stone tablet dating to the fourth-century A.D. that bears the text of the 10 Commandments in Samaritan script is slated for auction next month in California. Read More

Bob Hoover, WWII Fighter Pilot & Air Show Ace, Dies at 94
October 26, 2016

After escaping a POW camp and flying a stolen German plane to freedom, Bob Hoover spent a long, brilliant career testing aircraft, training military pilots and performing in air shows worldwide. Read More