Episode 1 Blazing Trail
S 1 E 1

Blazing Trail

Aired on Nov 30, 2014

In the Wolf River Valley, five teams embark on on an off-road trek across the entire state of Alaska. Facing rivers, mountains, and overgrown mining roads, teams must work together to conquer the wild northern terrain. Alaska natives Butch and Bill are ready to beat the competition in their rig, the aptly named, “Warwagon”. Brother and sister team Pete and Shey bet on a slow-and-steady strategy while the Leigh brothers, Brent and Scott, rely on their tenacity to get them through. In Rover 1, Jason and Glen’s overconfidence may be their downfall while Rich and Carl, the only “lower 48’ers” in the group, find they might be outmatched by the rugged Alaskan outback.

Episode 2 River Rage
S 1 E 2

River Rage

Aired on Dec 07, 2014

Continuing their trek north into the remote McKinley River Basin, Butch and Bill look to extend their lead as the five teams traverse narrow mining trails, sheer ridges, and rapid glacier rivers. Rich and Carl decide to follow Pete and Shey’s example, hoping “slow and steady” will prevent any further damage to Super Jeep. Jason and Glen are determined to beat War Wagon and come in first no matter what the cost while Brent is forced to take the wheel after Scott is sidelined by an injury.

Episode 3 Fallen Warrior
S 1 E 3

Fallen Warrior

Aired on Dec 14, 2014

As the teams push deeper into the Alaskan Interior, the terrain becomes less forgiving. Vehicles are pushed to the breaking point as the Warriors encounter trails littered with sharp boulders, swift rivers, and steep ascents. The five teams reach new highs, conquering the most extreme elevations of the trip so far, and new lows as Alaska deals a potentially fatal blow to one team’s dream of becoming the Ultimate Off-Road Warrior.

Episode 4 Devil's Outhouse
S 1 E 4

Devil's Outhouse

Aired on Dec 21, 2014

There’s blood in the water with Rover out of the running. The competition intensifies as the four remaining teams face an onslaught of permafrost bogs, treacherous alpine ridges, and hidden mud holes. Bill and Butch set their sights on lower forty-eighters, Rich and Carl, hoping to push an already stressed Super Jeep into catastrophic failure. Meanwhile, the two sibling teams, outgunned by Super Jeep’s sophistication and War Wagon’s power, decide working together may be their best bet to bring the big boys down.

Episode 5 Red Alert
S 1 E 5

Red Alert

Aired on Dec 28, 2014

As the warriors enter the second half of the expedition, the unspoken truce of “no man left behind” is put to the test. Butch and Bill continue their dogged pursuit over steep hills and valley bogs, attempting to overtake Super Jeep. The Leigh Brothers and the Lanigans solidify their alliance, hoping that together they can conquer the merciless Alaskan mud. Meanwhile, Rich and Carl take a gamble and make a move, leaving not one man behind but rather all of them.

Episode 6 Betrayal Trail
S 1 E 6

Betrayal Trail

Aired on Jan 04, 2015

Surprising his fellow off-roaders, Rover rejoins the race, dropping a bomb in the other teams’ strategies. An ailing Carl forces Rich to try his hand at the wheel. Butch and Bill kick it into high gear trying to catapult War Wagon back to the top of the standings. Pete and Shey decide that it’s time they stop putting other teams’ needs before their own. And Brent and Scott, tired of relying on the other teams, learn some self-reliance on the tundra.

Episode 7 Tough as Hell
S 1 E 7

Tough as Hell

Aired on Jan 11, 2015

Butch and Bill are determined to finally close the gap on the lower forty-eighters. Carl continues to fight Super Jeep’s mechanical fatigue, hoping she has enough left in her to keep them out front. Brent and Scott go it alone, preferring to rely on their “Leigh tough” attitude over the others’ assistance. After swearing off helping the other teams, Pete and Shey find themselves again aiding their competitors, though unintentionally. And Jason is hell-bent on proving he should have won, even if doing so takes other teams out of the running.

Episode 8 Journey's End
S 1 E 8

Journey's End

Aired on Jan 18, 2015

After a grueling marathon of muddy bogs, raging waters, and rocky slopes, the race enters the final stretch: an all out sprint to the Arctic Ocean. After a hair-raising ascent through the Brooks Range, the warriors must put all their experience and expertise to the test as they navigate the only path North, the daunting Dalton Highway. Rich and Carl hope to prove themselves to their Alaskan competitors by beating them on their own turf. But the Alaskan teams refuse to give the lower forty-eighters any slack, mounting an all out charge to win the prize and the title: Ultimate Off-Road Warrior.

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