Alone UK

The experience of 11 participants who move into remote and unfamiliar wilds.

About the Show

Alone (UK) chronicles the experience of 11 participants who will shed modern possessions, practices and comforts and move into remote and unfamiliar wilds. Each participant must subsist solely on what the land and water around them provides—with no help from the production crew, zero interaction with other participants and no communication with the outside world. Once they are in, there are only three ways out; by voluntarily tapping out of the experience when they reach their limit; through forced extraction due to illness or injury; or… by winning! The last one thriving wins a life-changing prize! Each participant will be required to self-document their journey… every try and every win, every mistake, loss, and lesson learnt. This is a series that explores our interconnection with environment. It celebrates the significance of learned and shared knowledge. It revels in the individual capacity for invention and creativity. It advocates for a healthier relationship with our natural world. It is fascinated by what happens in the machinations of mind and spirit when an innately communal creature, the human being, is pushed to survive and thrive in total isolation… completely ALONE.

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