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  • SEASON 18 13 episodes available
  • SEASON 17 10 episodes available
  • SEASON 16 17 episodes available
  • SEASON 15 12 episodes available
  • SEASON 14 19 episodes available
  • SEASON 13 24 episodes available
  • SEASON 12 13 episodes available
  • SEASON 11 15 episodes available
  • SEASON 10 12 episodes available
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  • SEASON 8 9 episodes available
  • SEASON 7 12 episodes available
  • SEASON 6 10 episodes available
  • SEASON 5 13 episodes available
  • SEASON 4 11 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 15 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 11 episodes available
  • SEASON 1 13 episodes available

Full Episodes

S 18 E 13

Slam Dunk Junk

Aired on Mar 12, 2018

In Chicago, Mike and Frank find a massive warehouse filled with cast off treasures including some superstar sports memorabilia that are a total slam dunk.

S 18 E 12

Junkyard Wizard

Aired on Mar 05, 2018

A junkyard wizard has an Oktoberfest gem with Frank Fritz’s name written all over it.

S 18 E 11

Ripe for the Picking

Aired on Feb 26, 2018

Mike and Frank are in Napa Valley but rather than pick grapes they pick one of the largest wine-related collections in the world before the owner shouts “Last Call.”

S 18 E 10

The Jersey Jaguar

Aired on Feb 19, 2018

Mike and Frank unleash a sleek 67 Jaguar in a New Jersey garage and later pick a general store with a Presidential past.

S 18 E 9

Double Bubble Trouble

Aired on Feb 05, 2018

Mike and Frank visit a hot rod mechanic with a super expensive collection of rare bubbletop cars.

S 18 E 8

The Mother Load

Aired on Jan 29, 2018

Mike and Frank accept a special invite from Indiana’s Model-A Ford lady and fall hard for her ultra-rare barn-fresh Model-A tow truck.

S 18 E 7

Rat Rod Rolls

Aired on Jan 22, 2018

With a jam-packed farmhouse, killer barn, and rare rat rod Rolls Royce, a massive Ohio collection has mega-pick potential.

S 18 E 6

Hyder's Hideaway

Aired on Nov 20, 2017

While freestyling in Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains the guys come across a hidden hideaway filled with history and even some mementos from a bluegrass legend.

S 18 E 5

Frank's Big Day

Aired on Nov 13, 2017

Frank jumps for joy as he and Mike pick a recently closed toy museum ready to sell their collection of treasures.

S 18 E 4

Pedal Pushers

Aired on Nov 06, 2017

Just outside the nation’s capital Mike and Frank find a stash of untouched inventory from one of the country’s oldest bicycle and sporting goods store.

S 18 E 3

40 Acre Pick

Aired on Oct 30, 2017

Plowing through a 40-acre salvage yard, Mike and Frank harvest a few lost treasures, including a never-before-seen farmer’s mini-bike.

S 18 E 2

Real Knuckleheads

Aired on Oct 23, 2017

Frank falls hard for a rare Harley Davidson Knucklehead at a collectors hidden California compound.

S 18 E 1

Mike's Big Buy

Aired on Oct 16, 2017

Mike and Frank are picking and dreaming in California. Then dreams become reality when Mike falls for the sweetest classic Ford pick-up he’s ever seen.

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