American Pickers

American Pickers

S 1 E 12

Leland's Cafe

Apr 05, 2010 | 22m 6s | tv-pg | CC

Danielle has a sketchy lead. She’s found an incredible collection but the bad news is it’s owned by a reluctant seller. However, once inside the man’s jam-packed barn, Mike finds two very rare bikes. One is a turn-of-the-century wood rim bicycle and the other, an even rarer 1880s high-wheeler. Can he keep a poker face and strike a deal? Also, Mike and Frank return to pick from Leland, the WWII vet in the Big Bear episode where they bought a sword and saddle. Leland and his daughter invited them back. Mike and Frank bring him a special gift they picked up earlier…and find more treasures at his place.

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