American Pickers

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Season 10 (11)

25 Seasons | 379 Episodes, 42 Unlocked

Episode 12 Pam's Labyrinth
S 10 E 12

Pam's Labyrinth

Aired on Dec 18, 2013

In Missouri, Mike and Frank stumble upon a labyrinth of curious finds during a freestyle pick. Down the road in Oklahoma, they tour a vintage car company where the owner’s entire collection of retro relics is for sale. Meanwhile, the boys’ crate of European treasure has landed in the States. And while Danielle handles logistics, Robbie delivers an expensive motorbike that may have been damaged during shipment.

Episode 11 Bonnie, Clyde and The King
S 10 E 11

Bonnie, Clyde and The King

Aired on Dec 08, 2013

Once a roadie for a long list of fabled performers, Travis’ home is like a rock’n’roll scrapbook. Later, in Louisiana, the guys get seriously fired up at the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum. And while the collection is off limits, owner Boots offers up a promising lead. Down the road, the guys uncover a killer collection of negatives and a bass with a potential link to the King of Rock’n’Roll.

Episode 10 Lead of a Lifetime
S 10 E 10

Lead of a Lifetime

Aired on Dec 04, 2013

In pursuit of a red-hot lead, the guys are in Oklahoma where they’re determined to track down the motorbike that once belonged to legendary gangsters Bonnie and Clyde. Down the road, the owner of a sprawling salvage yard is notorious for hanging on to everything. Meanwhile in Iowa, Danielle seals the deal on the mother lode of retro movie posters.

 9 Cammy Camaro
S 10 E 9

Cammy Camaro

Aired on Nov 27, 2013

The guys are freestyling in Kansas with a completely empty van when they stumble upon a staggering honey hole. Later, a couple’s garage sale collection looks like a bust. That is, until the guys uncover barn after barn of awesome stuff. Meanwhile in Iowa, Danielle learns that Frank’s coin-op motorbike is worth some serious coin.

Episode 8 Picking It Forward
S 10 E 8

Picking It Forward

Aired on Nov 20, 2013

A Kansas junkyard is packed with rusty old cars, signs, and machinery, but it’s nothing compared to the awesome collection inside. Later, in a town that was annihilated by a tornado, the guys put picking aside to jump-start a charity auction instead. Meanwhile in Iowa, the construction crew uncovers a costly surprise while breaking ground on the new store addition.

Episode 7 Tough Texas
S 10 E 7

Tough Texas

Aired on Nov 13, 2013

The guys reckon petroliana is plentiful in the Lone Star State, but tracking down a Texas-sized honey hole proves much trickier than expected. Still in search of a big-ticket trip saver, the guys move on to Illinois where they uncover one of the coolest cars they’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, in order to make a decent profit, Mike ups his $30,000 gamble on a Harley Knucklehead.

Episode 6 Dani Smells a Rat Rod
S 10 E 6

Dani Smells a Rat Rod

Aired on Nov 06, 2013

In Kansas, Mike and Frank meet an octogenarian artist whose collection includes a shrine to each of his six ex-wives and every other woman he’s ever been with. Picking a fellow picker, the guys visit a sprawling junkyard that’s packed with rusty gold. Meanwhile, back in Iowa, Danielle discovers the guys have been keeping an expensive secret from her.

Episode 5 Pick or Treat
S 10 E 5

Pick or Treat

Aired on Oct 30, 2013

With a line-up of hair-raising Halloween picks, the guys crawl back underground in Pennsylvania in search of the “Mole Man.” Later, the guys look for rusty relics at an abandoned Oklahoma amusement park. In Missouri, Mike and Frank tour a former penitentiary with a seriously spooky vibe. Notorious for hauntings, the massive institution is one of the darkest and creepiest places they’ve ever picked.

Episode 4 London Calling
S 10 E 4

London Calling

Aired on Oct 23, 2013

Leaving Italy behind, the guys drive clear across the continent to England where they haggle over an iconic red phone booth with a raunchy urban past. Next door, a British eccentric’s garage is packed with motorized treasures. Down the road, the guys excavate a wall of junk, and Mike makes a mammoth bid on an ultra-rare motorbike. Meanwhile, Danielle and Robbie head to Oklahoma where their mega bumper car deal hits a series of snags.

Episode 3 Sicilian Standoff
S 10 E 3

Sicilian Standoff

Aired on Oct 16, 2013

On the third leg of their Italian adventure, Mike and Frank head south to Sicily where an American contact agrees to show them around. In a treasure-filled home, the guys try haggling over prices, but soon learn that Sicilian negotiating tactics include guilt and espresso! Looking for rare scooters, the guys visit a hardcore motorcycle collector and seal the deal on a rusty three-wheeled beauty. Later, the search is on for a very specific vintage Vespa.

Episode 2 The Italian Job: Part 2
S 10 E 2

The Italian Job: Part 2

Aired on Oct 09, 2013

Mike and Frank are in Italy where they’re determined to fill a shipping container with awesome artifacts they’d never find at home. With their translator Fred in tow, they follow a series of leads to an Italian mega-pick in Bologna. Down the road in Rome, they scour a sprawling collection that’s stored underground in Roman catacombs where they fall for a skeletal Fiat 500 that’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

Episode 1 The Italian Job: Part 1
S 10 E 1

The Italian Job: Part 1

Aired on Oct 09, 2013

In search of a rare race car for an important museum client, the guys travel to Italy for what could be the biggest deal of their lives. But when their dolce vita dream goes bust, they hit the road and start picking. Outside Venice, Mike’s old friend Flavio has a sweet collection of retro motorbikes. Plus, he puts the guys back on track with a series of leads and an energetic interpreter.

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