Season 11 (15)

25 Seasons | 384 Episodes, 42 Unlocked

Episode 15 Shock Value
S 11 E 15

Shock Value

Aired on Jun 11, 2014

A collector with an unusual taste for high voltage oddities reveals his shocking stash, and Mike and Frank’s luck runs cold when they’re stonewalled by the Willett brothers.

Episode 14 Need for Speed
S 11 E 14

Need for Speed

Aired on Jun 04, 2014

The guys hit pay dirt in Alabama while freestyling at a retro automotive warehouse owned by a true blue racing family. They hit a dead end negotiating against the county’s former police chief. And Mike hatches a strategy to walk away with a must-have Lambretta scooter.

Episode 13 Sweet Homes Alabama
S 11 E 13

Sweet Homes Alabama

Aired on May 21, 2014
Picking the South pays off when Alabama turns up a jackpot of unusual items, including a pricey relic from a legendary plantation home. A small-town Chevy dealership is a time capsule of classic car nostalgia. And the guys get some Southern hospitality at a freestyle stop that turns into a mega-pick complete with its own general store.
Episode 12 Captain Quirk
S 11 E 12

Captain Quirk

Aired on May 14, 2014

Frank and Dave’s road trip through Florida gets stranger at every turn, from a creepy collection of kitsch to a tugboat that’s home to a Captain and his unusual pet. And back in Iowa, Mike readies the new shop for its Grand Opening.

Episode 11 Mad as a Picker
S 11 E 11

Mad as a Picker

Aired on May 07, 2014

Danielle and the guys kick it into overdrive when they land a high-profile custom pick for Dollywood, the theme park owned by legendary country music star Dolly Parton. A tribute to the Smokey Mountain Fire Patrol of the 1930s, the park’s brand new roller coaster wouldn’t be complete without some key pieces of vintage petroliana. And the team has just two weeks to uncover a long list of hard-to-find items.

Episode 10 Enter the Negotiator
S 11 E 10

Enter the Negotiator

Aired on Apr 30, 2014

The guys are invited to pick a petroliana-packed Vermont property. Later, Mike tackles two major projects in Iowa while Frank and Dave try to buy an ultra-rare cycle car in Florida.

Episode 9 Legend of the Lost Indian
S 11 E 9

Legend of the Lost Indian

Aired on Apr 23, 2014

Mike and Frank are in Springfield, Massachusetts, the birthplace of Indian Motorcycles. While there, the guys chase a legend that could be a real buried treasure, and drop a massive amount of cash on a stash of classic motorcycles.

Episode 8 Backroad Barnstorming
S 11 E 8

Backroad Barnstorming

Aired on Apr 16, 2014

Time has stood still on a sprawling Connecticut dairy farm, and after a slow start the picking is fast and furious. Down the road in Vermont, the guys pick one of the biggest barns they’ve ever seen and uncover ultra-rare skis for a Model T Ford.

Episode 7 Frank's Holy Grail
S 11 E 7

Frank's Holy Grail

Aired on Apr 09, 2014

Scouring a mind-blowing collection of vintage petroliana in Massachusetts, Frank breaks a sweat and the bank when he uncovers the holy grail of oilcans. Later, in Rhode Island, the guys get a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to a mammoth Newport mansion where they bid big money on a series of rare gems.

Episode 6 The Mega-Pick
S 11 E 6

The Mega-Pick

Aired on Apr 02, 2014

The deals are flying when a Colorado property turns out to be a mega-pick. Down the road in Massachusetts, the guys visit a one-of-a-kind classic car collection where they bid huge money on a 1961 Messerschmitt. Meanwhile in Nashville, Danielle lines up a potential buyer for the rare Fiat cutaway car the guys shipped back from Italy.

Episode 5 Mountain Mayhem
S 11 E 5

Mountain Mayhem

Aired on Feb 05, 2014

A 135-year-old Colorado opera house is packed with vintage Americana and Mike and Frank are determined to buy whatever they can. Down the road in Colorado Springs, the boys visit a fellow picker’s junkyard home. And while the property is a bonanza of rusty gold, his prices are through the roof.

Episode 4 For a Few Dollars More
S 11 E 4

For a Few Dollars More

Aired on Jan 29, 2014

In Colorado, a fast-talking negotiator is determined to get top dollar for every last piece of her collection. Down the road, a local artist has a killer collection of atomic age lamps and pricey glow-in-the-dark sculptures. Later, a lone mountain home features its own jailhouse, an underground bomb shelter, and an awesome collection of Western ware.

Episode 3 The King's Ransom
S 11 E 3

The King's Ransom

Aired on Jan 22, 2014

Mike and Frank find themselves in paradise when they unearth an elephant, an alligator, and a life-size sculpture of Elvis in rural Vermont. While freestyling in New York, an awesome rusted-out trailer leads to a treasure trove of folk art finds and rare military memorabilia. Back in Iowa, Danielle gets encouraging news from an appraiser, but construction on the store is causing a headache.

Episode 2 KISS and Sell
S 11 E 2

KISS and Sell

Aired on Jan 15, 2014

A costume shop in upstate New York is an unlikely place for a pick, but owner Nicky and her husband have also amassed an entire barn full of awesome stuff. Later, Mike climbs over a wall of chairs to uncover a stash of Art Deco cigarette machines. Back in Iowa, an appraiser is awestruck by a recent find, and Mike’s coveted 1911 Harley is finally ready for its first test drive.

Episode 1 The Einstein Gamble
S 11 E 1

The Einstein Gamble

Aired on Jan 08, 2014

In upstate New York, a fellow picker and former firefighter gives the guys unprecedented access to his jam-packed barns and sheds. Later, John Atwater Bradley has lived a celebrity-studded life and has amassed a glittering collection of oddities and memorabilia to prove it. Back in Iowa, the guys get their first glimpse of the new store addition.

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