Season 20 (24)

24 Seasons | 369 Episodes, 24 Unlocked

Episode 24 Tick Tock Frank
S 20 E 24

Tick Tock Frank

Aired on Sep 09, 2019

Frank “tick-tock” Fritz is over the moon when the guys pick a Portland clock shop that’s a showcase for vintage mechanical wonders of all kinds.

Episode 23 Knucklehead Frank
S 20 E 23

Knucklehead Frank

Aired on Sep 02, 2019

In Southern California, Frank gets a lesson in Knucklehead Zen when the guys visit Andy–a kindred spirit and international man of mystery.

Episode 22 Hollywood Honey Hole
S 20 E 22

Hollywood Honey Hole

Aired on Aug 26, 2019

The guys find a Hollywood honey hole when they meet a stuntman from Hollywood’s Golden Age; Al’s California garage is overflowing with mind-blowing memorabilia.

Episode 21 Say Sohio
S 20 E 21

Say Sohio

Aired on Aug 19, 2019

Frank falls super hard for a 63 Corvette Stingray and he keeps raising his offer that it makes Robbie wonder if this is really Frank. Meanwhile Mike and Mefford kick off an ambitious restoration project.

Episode 20 California Picking
S 20 E 20

California Picking

Aired on Aug 05, 2019

In the mountains of Southern California, the guys start their pick in an old train caboose and make off with a bulging bounty of cool old signs.

Episode 19 Freaky Florida
S 20 E 19

Freaky Florida

Aired on Jul 29, 2019

In a freaky Florida town steeped with Carnival history, Mike gambles big on the mother lode of must-have circus banners.

Episode 18 Double DeLorean Delight
S 20 E 18

Double DeLorean Delight

Aired on Jul 22, 2019

On a ramshackle New Jersey estate, Mike and Danielle go on a Back-to-the-Future joyride in a DeLorean.

Episode 17 Georgia On My Mind
S 20 E 17

Georgia On My Mind

Aired on Jul 15, 2019

Mike and Frank hightail it to Georgia hoping to snap up a super rare roadster and get it back on the highway.

Episode 16 Aerosmith Van
S 20 E 16

Aerosmith Van

Aired on Jul 08, 2019

After picking an awesome surf museum in California, Mike and Frank catch up with the Aerosmith van in Vegas. Then drive it down the strip to meet their rock ‘n’ roll idols for the big reveal.

Episode 15 Alabama Rolls
S 20 E 15

Alabama Rolls

Aired on Jul 01, 2019

An Alabama couple has one of the biggest collections the guys have ever come across, including a number of high-octane cars saved from the scrap heap.

Episode 14 Corvette King
S 20 E 14

Corvette King

Aired on Jun 24, 2019

The guys visit a gas pump graveyard in Louisiana while Danielle finds a home for a pair of historic drag bikes.

Episode 13 Van-Tastic
S 20 E 13


Aired on Jun 17, 2019

The boys uncover a treasure trove of VW buses in Arkansas, and with the collection under threat from vandals, Mike is determined to rescue as many as possible.

Episode 12 Frank Meet Brank
S 20 E 12

Frank Meet Brank

Aired on Jun 10, 2019

The guys have high hopes when they uncover a sexy 1935 Auburn roadster on an Indiana farm, but end up with just a kiddie ride instead.

Episode 11 Space Invaders Smackdown
S 20 E 11

Space Invaders Smackdown

Aired on Jun 03, 2019

The guys are ready to light up the sky when they pick a Detroit warehouse packed with vintage searchlights. Then Frank risks everything on a game of Space Invaders.

Episode 10 The Mysterious Madame X
S 20 E 10

The Mysterious Madame X

Aired on May 27, 2019

Mike and Mefford, the mechanic, are on the hunt for Madame X — a legendary one-of-a-kind 1929 Cadillac. But is it real?

Episode 9 The Michigan Madman
S 20 E 9

The Michigan Madman

Aired on May 20, 2019

The guys stumble upon two of the fastest motorcycles ever built and they are determined to save them from oblivion.

Episode 8 Pick This Way
S 20 E 8

Pick This Way

Aired on Mar 18, 2019

Aerosmith’s legendary tour van gets an overhaul just in time for a visit from Rock’n’Roll royalty.

Episode 7 Rock'n'Roll Heaven
S 20 E 7

Rock'n'Roll Heaven

Aired on Mar 11, 2019

It’s all Rock and Roll as the guys tackle the painstaking preservation of Aerosmith’s original tour van while a star-struck Frank picks one of his teen idols.

Episode 6 Raiders of the Lost Pick
S 20 E 6

Raiders of the Lost Pick

Aired on Mar 04, 2019

Mike and Danielle crawl into a Pittsburgh time capsule while Frank and Robbie plow through six generations of stuff on one of Michigan’s oldest farms.

Episode 5 Pick Like a Honey Badger
S 20 E 5

Pick Like a Honey Badger

Aired on Feb 25, 2019

Mike and Frank are itching to see what is inside a barn that has been off limits for a quarter of a century. And while Mike makes like a honey badger, bundle master Frank strikes again.

Episode 4 Presidential Picks
S 20 E 4

Presidential Picks

Aired on Feb 11, 2019

The Pickers are on a Presidential Trail as Mike and Danielle head for Pennsylvania while Frank and Robbie are on a whistle stop tour of North Dakota.

Episode 3 Picker's Dozen
S 20 E 3

Picker's Dozen

Aired on Feb 04, 2019

A century-old Italian grocery store turned time capsule features an early 20th century delivery truck and a secret crypt that’s calling Mike’s name.

Episode 2 The Great Pick Off
S 20 E 2

The Great Pick Off

Aired on Jan 28, 2019

The great pick-off continues as Mike and Danielle continue their team effort to take on Frank and Robbie for ultimate picking bragging rights.

Episode 1 Pick Your Battle
S 20 E 1

Pick Your Battle

Aired on Jan 21, 2019

Mike and Danielle pick an over-the-top, tiki-party-meets-rockabilly home while Frank and Robbie set their sights on a vast collection hidden in the fortified bunkers of an old army base.

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