Season 22 (23)

24 Seasons | 369 Episodes, 24 Unlocked

Episode 23 Joyridin’ Pick
S 22 E 23

Joyridin’ Pick

Aired on Sep 06, 2021

A Maryland car fanatic opens the doors to his late father’s massive collection. And, after Robbie takes a joyride back to the 70s, Mike revs up a retro British taxi.

Episode 22 Coal Gold
S 22 E 22

Coal Gold

Aired on Aug 30, 2021

In West Virginia, the Wolfe brothers pick a century-old soda shop that’s frozen in time. And a Methodist minister and circus ringleader opens the doors to his eye-popping collection.

Episode 21 Homestead Honey Hole
S 22 E 21

Homestead Honey Hole

Aired on Aug 23, 2021

The Wolfe brothers tour a massive West Virginia homestead complete with an antique auto showroom. And in Texas, an ex-drag racer with a mountain of petroliana is in the mood to sell.

Episode 20 Radioactive Rust
S 22 E 20

Radioactive Rust

Aired on Aug 16, 2021

A retired Air Force general reveals the story of his American Dream. Meanwhile Robbie and Danielle are dazzled by the glow of a rare collection of radioactive glass.

Episode 19 Secrets of the Hotel
S 22 E 19

Secrets of the Hotel

Aired on Aug 09, 2021

For Mike and Jersey Jon, the deals are flying in a North Carolina garage. Meanwhile Danielle and Robbie uncover the celebrated history of a legendary Kentucky hotel.

Episode 18 Paradise Picking
S 22 E 18

Paradise Picking

Aired on Jul 26, 2021

Robbie gets revved up for a time-travel bike in Mississippi while Mike unearths a barn-fresh 1932 pickup in North Carolina that hasn’t seen the light of day in 50 years.

Episode 17 Fiddles and Picks
S 22 E 17

Fiddles and Picks

Aired on Jul 19, 2021

Mike and Jersey Jon hone in on some big money picks in North Carolina while Danielle and Robbie meet a legendary bluegrass fiddler with an awesome Nashville collection.

Episode 16 Racy Relics
S 22 E 16

Racy Relics

Aired on Jul 05, 2021

Mike and Jersey John fall hard for a grand South Carolina home while Danielle scores a few racy relics in Mississippi.

Episode 15 Return of the Impala
S 22 E 15

Return of the Impala

Aired on Jun 28, 2021

Mike and Danielle geek out over a collection of oddball antiques in Ohio while a thrilling joyride in his new vintage Impala leaves Robbie stranded.

Episode 14 Picking Nirvana
S 22 E 14

Picking Nirvana

Aired on Jun 21, 2021

In Ohio, a late friend’s picking nirvana has the Wolfe brothers howling. With a successful demolition business and an eye for treasure, Brian amassed a mind-boggling collection of rare oversize gems. And, honoring both his memory and his wife, the brothers drop big money pieces that tell the story of America. Meanwhile, back in Tennessee, Mefford calls in the experts for a killer paint job on the shop’s exterior.

Episode 13 Fort Knox of Toys
S 22 E 13

Fort Knox of Toys

Aired on Jun 14, 2021

The Wolfe brothers go nuts when junkyard Ron opens the doors to his jaw-dropping Fort Knox of high-end toys near Dallas, and Mike hones in on the Holy Grail of VWs in Ohio.

Episode 12 Big Tex
S 22 E 12

Big Tex

Aired on Jun 07, 2021

Cruising through the Lone Star State, the Wolfe brothers visit a one-of-a-kind home that was custom-built around a staggering Texas-size collection.

Episode 11 Hollywood in Texas
S 22 E 11

Hollywood in Texas

Aired on Jun 07, 2021

In Texas, Retro Rick opens the doors to his stockpile of Hollywood relics. And, Robbie is determined to reunite two halves of an ultra-rare gas globe.

Episode 10 Rock `n Go
S 22 E 10

Rock `n Go

Aired on Mar 15, 2021

Mike uncovers a stockpile of vintage relics from a time when toys could kill, and Danielle breaks a sweat over a trunk of ultra-rare concert tees worth their weight in gold.

Episode 9 A Record Deal
S 22 E 9

A Record Deal

Aired on Mar 08, 2021

Mike and Jersey Jon scour a massive family stockpile in Connecticut while Danielle and Robbie uncover an ultra-rare Beatles memento in a jam-packed Pennsylvania home.

Episode 8 Hollywood Hot Rods
S 22 E 8

Hollywood Hot Rods

Aired on Mar 01, 2021

Mike and Dave scour a visionary collector’s stash of amusement park relics while Danielle and Robbie visit a jaw-dropping line-up of original Hollywood hotrods.

Episode 7 Brothers and Burlesque
S 22 E 7

Brothers and Burlesque

Aired on Feb 22, 2021

Mike and Robbie go wild for a killer main street pick in Tennessee while Danielle visits Cleveland’s queen of burlesque to close the deal on a racy piece of history.

Episode 6 Bombshells and Silk
S 22 E 6

Bombshells and Silk

Aired on Feb 15, 2021

Mike and Jersey John visit a prolific Cape Cod collector while Danielle and Robbie uncover amazing American souvenirs and Queen Victoria’s silk stockings in Pennsylvania.

Episode 5 Burgers and Ballrooms
S 22 E 5

Burgers and Ballrooms

Aired on Feb 15, 2021

Mike finds the world’s most famous hamburger icon in a Massachusetts chicken coop while Danielle dances through history at a defunct 1940s studio turned time capsule.

Episode 4 Country Queen
S 22 E 4

Country Queen

Aired on Feb 08, 2021

In Tennessee, Mike meets one of the giants of country music history, while Robbie and Danielle uncover a barn-fresh Impala at the perfect Pennsylvania pick.

Episode 3 Smoking Hot Chevy
S 22 E 3

Smoking Hot Chevy

Aired on Feb 01, 2021

In Florida, Mike and Mefford home in on an immaculate 1964 Chevy pickup and uncover a circus scrapbook with never-before-seen photos of Elvis.

Episode 2 Hidden Harley
S 22 E 2

Hidden Harley

Aired on Jan 25, 2021

An historic New Hampshire farm features 300 years of forgotten treasures, and in Pennsylvania, Robbie finds a 1936 Harley hiding in plain sight.

Episode 1 Pumps, Prints and Picks
S 22 E 1

Pumps, Prints and Picks

Aired on Jan 25, 2021

Mike and Jersey Jon dive into a century-old Connecticut print shop while Robbie and Danielle unearth a rare globe at a 1920s truck stop.

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