American Pickers

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Season 23 (20)

25 Seasons | 379 Episodes, 42 Unlocked

Episode 20 Naughty and Nice
S 23 E 20

Naughty and Nice

Aired on Sep 17, 2022

Mike and Danielle scour a mind-blowing Detroit home that features floor-to-ceiling folk art relics and a sensory-overload attic packed with some naughty treasure. Down the road, a random lead at a Michigan roadstop leads to a late collector’s mighty stockpile where Jersey and Robbie nerd out on antique tools and one-of-a-kind accessories for a Model T Ford.

Episode 19 The Wizard's Castle
S 23 E 19

The Wizard's Castle

Aired on Sep 10, 2022

A Michigan homeowner’s historic property includes a private speakeasy. Down the road, Danielle luxuriates in Mae West’s former bathtub.

Episode 18 Big Bucks Bubbles
S 23 E 18

Big Bucks Bubbles

Aired on Aug 27, 2022

Mike makes a return pilgrimage to Rick’s Michigan honey hole. And this time he’s determined to seal the deal on a ratty t-shirt and futuristic one-of-a-kind bubble car–no matter how big the price tag. Down the road, Robbie and Jersey comb through a late collector’s sprawling workshop where everything is ups for grabs including a bright green dune buggy.

Episode 17 Knucklehead Blue
S 23 E 17

Knucklehead Blue

Aired on Aug 20, 2022

Mike uncovers a mind-blowing collection of vintage baseball cards in Kansas while Robbie and Jersey try to broker a deal in Tommy’s “black hole of stuff.”

Episode 16 The Alabama Slamma
S 23 E 16

The Alabama Slamma

Aired on Aug 13, 2022

A mind-blowing Alabama collection includes a century of salvage, and in Mississippi, Robbie dives into the huge remains of a family’s carnival empire.

Episode 15 Flea Market Junkie
S 23 E 15

Flea Market Junkie

Aired on Aug 06, 2022

Mike and Jersey visit a flea market junkie in Louisiana while Robbie and Danielle scour a jam-packed Arizona property where nearly everything is for sale.

Episode 14 Pool Hall Picking
S 23 E 14

Pool Hall Picking

Aired on Jul 30, 2022

Mike uncovers an ultra-rare pinball machine in Louisiana while Robbie and Jersey uncover an epic property packed with rusty cars.

Episode 13 Rocket Ray Round-Up
S 23 E 13

Rocket Ray Round-Up

Aired on Jul 23, 2022

A Wisconsin collector’s oversize storage units feature a bonanza of new old stock, a bale of shredded cash, a gargantuan pistol–and a motivated seller who keeps lowering his prices. Down the road, a former drag racer opens the doors to his museum-quality stockpile of petroliana featuring homemade engine cutaways, a stable full of early Chevrolets, and a barn-fresh must-have pickup.

Episode 12 Shelby in the Barn
S 23 E 12

Shelby in the Barn

Aired on Jul 16, 2022

In Alabama, Mike goes hog wild for a super-rare, barn-fresh Shelby Mustang while Dani and Robbie visit a New Mexico town that’s determined to remain a roadside attraction.

Episode 11 Searching in Selma
S 23 E 11

Searching in Selma

Aired on Jul 09, 2022

Mike and Jersey uncover a massive collection of petroliana in Alabama while Dani and Robbie hit an Arizona property with killer steam engines as far as the eye can see.

Episode 10 Wolves in Wisconsin
S 23 E 10

Wolves in Wisconsin

Aired on Mar 19, 2022

On Uncle Butch’s ten-acre homestead in Wisconsin, the Wolfe brothers pay big money for some rare nuggets of petroliana but strike out on a jaw-dropping ride with a Hollywood pedigree. Flying solo in Milwaukee, Mike meets the 97-year-old inventor whose life-like automatons tell the story of America’s all-time favorite characters.

Episode 9 Pinball Jack
S 23 E 9

Pinball Jack

Aired on Mar 12, 2022

In the heart of beer country, the Wolfe brothers find the motherlode of breweriana, the granddaddy of all pinball machines, and Elvis inside a Milwaukee collector’s suburban home. Down the road, Mike and Robbie make a return pilgrimage to an Illinois honey hole to dig through five generations of history in a century-old mansion full of treasure.

Episode 8 High Speed Picking
S 23 E 8

High Speed Picking

Aired on Mar 05, 2022

Mike visits the Virginia birthplace of a high-speed camera that changed the world. Meanwhile in Nashville, a music guru has some sobering news about Danielle’s rock’n’roll gamble.

Episode 7 Picture Perfect Pick
S 23 E 7

Picture Perfect Pick

Aired on Feb 26, 2022

In the California desert, the Wolfe brothers comb through a late photographer’s eclectic hide-away and enter a sprawling ranch that’s home to a must-have holy neon beacon.

Episode 6 Picking Frisco
S 23 E 6

Picking Frisco

Aired on Jan 21, 2022

The Wolfe brothers drop in on an historic San Francisco hotel that’s home to an awesome collection of classic cars and uncover a hidden stash of spooky carnival relics.

Episode 5 Cadillac Man
S 23 E 5

Cadillac Man

Aired on Feb 12, 2022

The Wolfe brothers uncover an overgrown vintage Cadillac graveyard in the woods, and peel back the layers of a gargantuan California stockpile.

Episode 4 The King of Signs
S 23 E 4

The King of Signs

Aired on Feb 05, 2022

Robbie unveils his sprawling retro garage, and in Southern California the Wolfe brothers come face-to-face with the King of Signs and uncover the Holy Grail of 3D signs.

Episode 3 Movie Magic Picking
S 23 E 3

Movie Magic Picking

Aired on Jan 15, 2022

Mike, and Robbie head for the Hollywood Hills to pick a once-in-a-lifetime stockpile of amazing movie memorabilia.

Episode 2 Country Road Gold
S 23 E 2

Country Road Gold

Aired on Jan 08, 2022

Mike and Robbie visit an old-school general store filled with country road gold. And a serious collector opens the doors to his empire of vintage coin-op scales.

Episode 1 Skateboards and Gutter Balls
S 23 E 1

Skateboards and Gutter Balls

Aired on Jan 01, 2021

A California almond farm serves up a hidden stash of retro surf shop relics, and a Prohibition-era bowling alley in L.A. offers a mind-blowing trip back in time.

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