American Pickers

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Season 7 (12)

22 Seasons | 314 Episodes

Episode 12 Woody Wood Picker
S 7 E 12

Woody Wood Picker

Aired on Dec 17, 2012

While in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the guys stumble upon Woody the woodcarvers 80 acre property which features a Finnish sauna, an art gallery outhouse and a 100-year-old barn that’s packed to the rafters. And later, the guys get first dibs on an aviation museum’s once-in-a-lifetime sale and their guide turns out to be an American hero with an amazing story.

Episode 11 Dial F for Fritz
S 7 E 11

Dial F for Fritz

Aired on Dec 10, 2012

Out in Washington State, Mike and his brother Robbie stop off for a quick freestyle and come across a 1915 Harley. Later, the guys pick a collection that’s three generations in the making and find an antique bear trap that could be worth up to $6000. Danielle and Frank team up to pull a long distance prank on Mike.

Episode 10 Full Steam Ahead
S 7 E 10

Full Steam Ahead

Aired on Dec 03, 2012

After taking a joyride on a rare 100 year old monster tractor, Mike and his brother Robbie take to a property packed with amazing steam engines and rusty relics. In Washington State, Robbie’s bid on some heavy machinery leads to a high stakes lumberjack competition. Later, the guys head to Whidbey Island and find a graveyard of car grills and a 1947 Chevy pickup.

Episode 9 Substitute Picker
S 7 E 9

Substitute Picker

Aired on Nov 26, 2012

With Frank too sick to go picking, Mike’s brother Robbie scrambles to fill in at the last minute for the trip. In Idaho, the guys find a barn-sized man cave filled with an awesome collection of Western Americana including antique spurs that could be worth huge money. In Oregon, with a serious wager on the line, Robbie feels the pressure to out pick Mike and scours for a big-ticket item.

Episode 8 Duke of Oil
S 7 E 8

Duke of Oil

Aired on Nov 19, 2012

While visiting the “Godfather of petroliana,” Mike falls for a one-of-a-kind vintage motorcycle sign and must resist the urge to overpay for it. In Virginia, the guys meet a Southern gentleman named Ned who keeps his treasures in a creepy cabin in the woods. Back in Iowa, Danielle’s unique company car drives her crazy.

Episode 7 Picking Superheroes
S 7 E 7

Picking Superheroes

Aired on Nov 12, 2012

The guys pick a Pennsylvania warehouse and find a rare comic book that gets Mike’s “spidey” senses twitching. Frank tries to negotiate for a vintage cigarette machine with a lifetime collector who is also a reluctant seller. A ramshackle old house in South Carolina looks promising but it’s also said to be haunted by a ghost named Pearl.

Episode 6 Sturgis or Bust
S 7 E 6

Sturgis or Bust

Aired on Nov 05, 2012

Danielle gets in way over her head when she splurges on the skeletal remains of a rare 1935 Indian Chief. In order to recoup the initial investment, Frank comes up with an ambitious $30,000 restoration plan with the goal of selling the bike at the Sturgis motorcycle rally.

Episode 5 Guitars, Guns, and Gears
S 7 E 5

Guitars, Guns, and Gears

Aired on Oct 21, 2012

Mike comes across a 150 year old Martin guitar which just might be the big ticket item he’s been searching for. A rifle toting homeowner’s property is off limits until the guys do some fast talking. Danielle gets a vintage Indian motor appraised and keeps her fingers crossed for a major profit.

Episode 4 Guys and Dollhouses
S 7 E 4

Guys and Dollhouses

Aired on Sep 03, 2012

The Pickers visit Tom whose amazing collection of architectural salvage includes a vintage theater marquee and rare opera house relics. Later, they spend time at a sprawling South Carolina warehouse where Mike gets in a heated negotiation over a Victorian doll house.

Episode 3 Pickers in the Attic
S 7 E 3

Pickers in the Attic

Aired on Aug 27, 2012

At a folk art museum, Mike and Frank discover an attic and two barns that are overflowing with one-of-a-kind pieces. Danielle takes a quick vacation to New York City but finds it impossible to relax due to Mike’s incessant phone calls from the road.

Episode 2 Where's Aldo?
S 7 E 2

Where's Aldo?

Aired on Aug 20, 2012

In Pennsylvania, Mike and Frank pick in some unique places including a funeral home and a prosthetic limb factory. They unearth mega collections but all the owners are reluctant to sell. The Pickers eventually run into a reclusive man named Aldo who grants them access to his mind-blowing stockpile of brand new vintage toys.

Episode 1 Train Wreck
S 7 E 1

Train Wreck

Aired on Aug 13, 2012

Mike and Frank pick in a house that’s stacked to the ceiling with rare toys. Mike adds to his King Kong collection while Frank drops a bundle on a rare train set. Later, when its value fails to impress, the guys decide to take a huge risk and sell it at auction.

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