Episode 1 Devil in the Details
S 1 E 1

Devil in the Details

Aired on Jul 11, 2017

Could history’s two most notorious killers actually be the same man? Jeff Mudgett, great-great-grandson of America’s first serial killer and expert con man, H.H. Holmes, and ex-CIA operative Amaryllis Fox team up to investigate the theory that Holmes was Britain’s infamous murderer, Jack the Ripper.

Episode 2 The Butcher's Blade
S 1 E 2

The Butcher's Blade

Aired on Jul 18, 2017

Revealing the gruesome details of the Jack the Ripper murders, Jeff and Amaryllis challenge Ripper myths in the hunt for a link to H.H. Holmes.

Episode 3 Whitechapel Runs Red
S 1 E 3

Whitechapel Runs Red

Aired on Jul 25, 2017

The Jack the Ripper letters contain an unexpected link to H.H. Holmes; Scotland Yard’s list of credible suspects uncovers a key detail of the manhunt; and eyewitness accounts reveal the face of a killer.

Episode 4 Home Sweet Hell
S 1 E 4

Home Sweet Hell

Aired on Aug 01, 2017

An investigation into the gruesome details of Holmes’ infamous Murder Castle leads to the discovery that he may have been killing victims all over Chicago and beyond; while a report surfaces that the Ripper may have killed in the U.S.

Episode 5 Black Heart, White City
S 1 E 5

Black Heart, White City

Aired on Aug 08, 2017

Investigating the 1893 World’s Fair that turned Chicago into H.H. Holmes’ killing ground, Jeff and Amaryllis discover an unexpected connection to the Ripper in the city’s police archives.

Episode 6 Blood and Bone
S 1 E 6

Blood and Bone

Aired on Aug 15, 2017

Holmes goes on the run as his schemes unravel; the investigation picks up his trail and discovers a long lost crime scene that could hold the key to proving Holmes is the Ripper.

Episode 7 No Rest for the Wicked
S 1 E 7

No Rest for the Wicked

Aired on Aug 22, 2017

A trove of mysterious artifacts contain an unexpected link to the UK. Investigating Holmes’ capture and final days on the run, Jeff and Amaryllis uncover evidence of the Holmes curse and the shocking theory that the killer escaped his own death.

Episode 8 The Grave
S 1 E 8

The Grave

Aired on Aug 29, 2017

The investigation hunts for proof that Holmes pulled off one final swindle–escaping his own execution–by exhuming the killer’s alleged gravesite to discover what, if anything, lies beneath.

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