America's Book of Secrets

America's Book of Secrets

What if there is a book that holds America’s most closely guarded secrets?

About the Show

Hosted by film and television star Lance Reddick, “America’s Book of Secrets” is a one-hour, non-fiction series that asks the highly intriguing question: What if there is a book that serves as a repository for America’s most closely guarded secrets? A book that—throughout time—has been carefully passed down from trusted hand to trusted hand?

This program tells the fascinating truths behind some of the most famous and infamous stories in American and world history. Some stories will delve deep into the past, while others will be ripped right from today’s headlines. America’s Book of Secrets goes behind the scenes to reveal never before seen stories, secrets and insights—delving far deeper than any “authorized tour” or “official report.” Exclusive interviews with historians, insiders and experts, along with news clips, original footage and CGI graphics help illustrate the amazing truths behind the many extraordinary stories that lie deep within the pages of America’s Book of Secrets.

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