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Preview 2 Smokin' Hot

Smokin' Hot

Aired on Mar 02, 2021

Tim Allen and Richard Karn heat up the competition when they ask our Makers to create a Mobile BBQ Grill with all the fixins’. But before they can start cooking, they must first prove they can create fire by fabricating a brazing torch. Will these Makers be able reach the finish line on their mobile grills or will their tailgating creations go up in flames?

Episode 1 Bring the Heat
S 1 E 1

Bring the Heat

Aired on Feb 23, 2021
Tim Allen and Richard Karn put the maker's skills to the test when they have them create an all-season leaf blower that can also melt ice and snow. But before they can play with fire, they have to prove they can put one out by creating a class A fire extinguisher. Can the makers bring the heat needed to melt Tim and Richard's hearts or will they be left out in the cold?

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