Ax Men

The Ax Men are back in swing for an all-new season. This year, it’s never been more personal as family, business and North America’s deadliest job collide.

In Washington, Gabe Rygaard faces the toughest challenge of his career as he struggles to keep the family operation in business without the help of his father, who suffered a career-ending injury last season. As the fate of the Rygaard family dynasty rests on his shoulders, Gabe is forced to go to extreme lengths to keep the wood coming in, and he has no choice but to bring his own son, Aiden,  onto the mountain.

Papac Alaska takes on the biggest job in the company’s history. The nearly 7,000 acre Big Thorne contract will force logging veterans Joe and Coats, and the rest of the Papac crew to use every trick in the book if they’re to conquer the island’s steep cliffs, massive mountainsides and abandoned logging and mining sites.

Over in Wyoming, David Zitterkopf returns to the woods for the first time in nearly a year after surgery for a chronic illness. Ready or not, he’s diving into what could be the most lucrative job he’s ever had. With his son Levi beside him, David’s hoping to cash in big and teach him everything he can so Levi can continue the family business.

Down in Florida, Greg Chapman and his crew are embarking on a quest of a legendary scale. Rumor has it that back in the early 1900s—the heyday of Florida’s logging industry—a train hauling huge logs derailed and sank to the bottom of the St. Johns River. Greg’s father searched for the train for years with no luck, and now Greg is determined to pick up the trail using his father’s old maps, find the train and cash in on the century-old logs.

In the swamps of Louisiana, Swampman Shelby Stanga’s firing on all cylinders. He’s trying to land a new client with deep pockets and big prospects, but nothing’s easy in the swamp. With tight deadlines and a vast network of remote waterways to battle with, Shelby will have to call upon every piece of machinery in his arsenal and every ounce of Swampman ingenuity to get the job done.

Plus, there’s a new dynamic duo on the water. Gary Champagne and Eddie Frashier make their living in the bayou frogging, fishing and living off what the swamp provides. But now they’re going after their most lucrative score yet: centuries old cypress and pine logs are hidden throughout the remote corners of the swamp, and Gary and Eddie have their own unique plan to pull the green gold and survive in the unpredictable southern bayous.