Season 1 (14)

10 Seasons | 166 Episodes

Episode 1 Man vs. Mountain
S 1 E 1

Man vs. Mountain

Aired on Mar 09, 2008

Check out the series premiere of History’s ground breaking show, Ax Men.

Episode 2 Risk and Reward
S 1 E 2

Risk and Reward

Aired on Mar 16, 2008

The Ax Men are starting to get into the heat of the battle to deliver the most timber.

Episode 3 Storm Season Strikes
S 1 E 3

Storm Season Strikes

Aired on Mar 23, 2008

Storm Season strikes for the crews in Ax Men, and the stakes get higher in the race to be the top crew.

Episode 4 The Big Hit
S 1 E 4

The Big Hit

Aired on Mar 30, 2008

The season is starting to get wild for the Ax Men.

Episode 5 Market Meltdown
S 1 E 5

Market Meltdown

Aired on Apr 06, 2008

The loggers of the Pacific Northwest perform what is said to be North America’s most dangerous job. Watch as the men react to news of upcoming layoffs. Gustafson Logging tries to get back on track, Browning Logging races to meet a big deadline and Pihl Logging needs to finish the Pig Farm Job. Despite Melvin’s best efforts to keep up with his old equipment, Stump Branch Logging loses one of its most important machines.

Episode 6 Reversal of Fortune
S 1 E 6

Reversal of Fortune

Aired on Apr 13, 2008

Logging has been called North America’s most dangerous job. Logging giants throughout Oregon are falling. Two of the biggest–J.M. Browning and Gustafson Logging–are fighting to survive. Jay Browning, usually flush with lucrative deals, is forced to make tough decisions. Gustafson Logging is down but not out. Smaller outfits, like Stump Branch and Pihl, find winning strategies in their young leaders.

Episode 7 The Close Call
S 1 E 7

The Close Call

Aired on Apr 20, 2008

The season is halfway through, and the gap between winners and losers is widening. Stump Branch tests a new but more dangerous logging strategy… and it poses great danger to the men in the rigging. The Pihl men play while the bosses are away. Browning Logging is a team divided. Jesse struggles to prove himself to his father… but faulty equipment isn’t helping matters. A mistake on the Gustafson crew may end one man’s career.

Episode 8 Loggers Under Fire
S 1 E 8

Loggers Under Fire

Aired on Apr 27, 2008

In the wake of the plummeting logging market, the Ax Men are barely surviving. The Gustafson bosses have a close call while taking over for their laid-off crew. An old hook tender returns to the Browning team, stopping Jesse’s ascension to company management. Pihl loses a crucial member of the team as it struggles to finish Pig Farm. At Stump Branch, the young guns take matters into their own hands when Melvin has to leave the site.

Episode 9 A Logger's Thanksgiving
S 1 E 9

A Logger's Thanksgiving

Aired on May 04, 2008

Thanksgiving is over, but the return to work brings more trouble for the Ax Men. The Gustafson crew now faces a nearly impossible deadline after returning from a devastating two-week layoff. Pig Farm is close to its deadline, but half of the Pihl crew skips work, leaving greenhorn Cody to pick up the slack. Mistakes and inexperience at Stump Branch put profits and lives at risk. Jay Browning makes a troubling discovery about his next job.

Episode 10 Black Friday
S 1 E 10

Black Friday

Aired on May 11, 2008

Thanksgiving arrives; winter weather strikes and the men of Pihl lose one man after another to illness. The younger crew members of Gustafson blow off steam while the bosses toil away. Jay is forced to ax some of the Browning gang staff. The season’s first snow is a warning of things to come for the Stump Branch crew.

Episode 11 Storm of the Century
S 1 E 11

Storm of the Century

Aired on May 18, 2008

The town of Vernonia is declared a disaster area as the worst storm in 25 years pounds the Oregon coast. Members of Pihl and Stump Branch are forced to flee. Jay Browning can’t be found. Darrell must act fast to save his house from falling trees as the town of Astoria descends into a blackout. The future of the logging industry is in jeopardy.

Episode 12 The Toughest Season
S 1 E 12

The Toughest Season

Aired on May 25, 2008

History takes a look back at this extraordinary season of Ax Men.

Episode 13 Picking Up the Pieces
S 1 E 13

Picking Up the Pieces

Aired on Jun 01, 2008

The Ax Men are ready to get back to work and put the storm behind them. Darrell makes a startling discovery that could mean the end for the Challenge job. The Stump Branch crew must figure out a Plan B and find missing greenhorn Michael. Still without phone service, Jay Browning struggles to gather his troops. The Pihl crew bails out one of its own.

Episode 14 The Final Haul
S 1 E 14

The Final Haul

Aired on Jun 08, 2008

Logging’s toughest season winds down but the battle is far from over. Jesse questions the future of his family’s business as J.M. Browning continues to fall from glory. The Gustafson crew returns to the Challenge, but rumors of a final pullout abound. The Pihl crew wraps Beaver and celebrates a successful year. A member of the Stump Branch crew announces that he will not return.

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