Episode 2 The Green Berets
S 1 E 2

The Green Berets

Aired on Nov 11, 2023

Remi Adeleke heads to Army Special Operations Forces headquarters at Fort Liberty in North Carolina. Once there, he is introduced to the rigorous training pipeline, beginning with the Nasty Nick Obstacle Course, where his physical fitness is put to the test, and he learns firsthand what it takes to become part of one of the most elite and agile military groups in the world. As Remi meets the Sergeants and Generals on base to learn more about the Green Berets and the work they do around the world, their origins and storied history from World War II until present are brought to life by renowned historians, authors, journalists, and former Special Forces officers who were there.

Episode 1 Need for Speed
S 1 E 1

Need for Speed

Aired on Nov 11, 2023

Host Remi Adeleke lands at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, just outside of San Diego, California. He meets the dedicated men and women who are part of Marine Corps Aviation and gets an intimate look at what it takes to be a Marine aviator. Meanwhile, pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk drops in to suit up with the team and shares his father’s legacy as a WWII Navy pilot. This hour weaves Remi’s exploration of the thrilling, day-to-day operations at Miramar with the fascinating history of Marine Corps Aviation, including its humble beginnings in WWI as part of the Navy and the unique history of MCAS Miramar, the original home of the TOPGUN flight school. In the end, Remi gets the experience of a lifetime when he takes a ride on an Osprey as Marine aviators train for an upcoming mission.

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