Cajun Pawn Stars

Cajun Pawn Stars

S 1 E 11

Buy George!

Jun 06, 2012 | 22m 0s | tv-pg | CC

Time stands still as the Cajun Pawn Stars encounter a 1790’s pocket watch from Founding Father George Washington. A priceless piece, will Jimmie act in time to make a deal or will the ticking offer wind out? Then, the guys look to climb aboard a humongous Mardi Gras float. Will Jimmie bid high for the ultimate Cajun chariot or will he decide to let the parade pass him by? And later, Johnnie and Yankee are bayou bound to check out an antique bateau. One of Louisiana’s first swamp boats, can Johnnie navigate the murky waters to a safe landing, or will negotiations put him in choppy waters?

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