Cajun Pawn Stars

Cajun Pawn Stars

S 1 E 12

Little House on the Bayou

Jun 13, 2012 | 20m 57s | tv-pg | CC

It’s ship ahoy when the Cajun Pawn Stars jump on board a houseboat on the bayou. Will the guys decide this floating flophouse is worth a wave of cash or will they send this deal adrift? Then, Johnnie and Yankee check out a legendary American car–a ’66 Ford Mustang. In extremely rough shape, will Johnnie see the potential and pony-up an offer or will things sputter out before they get started? And later, a rare Civil War document marches into the shop detailing the history of a Texas cavalry sharpshooter. Will Jimmie hit the bulls-eye and score or will this deal blow up in his face?

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