Cajun Pawn Stars

Cajun Pawn Stars

S 1 E 8

Speed Demons

Feb 06, 2012 | 22m 7s | tv-pg | CC

Soar up through the skies with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they have the opportunity to buy a rare World War II biplane. Will Jimmie reach new heights to land this deal or will negotiations fall short on the runway? Then, a unique piece of presidential history finds it’s way into the shop–a strand of Abraham Lincoln’s hair. Will Jimmie make a proclamation of scoring big on this tiny lock or will he be left taking a haircut. And later, a familiar customer hopes to sell his super speedy Mako fishing boat. Will Johnnie and Tammie take a chance to zoom through Louisiana’s bayou or will lines get crossed and they get stuck with a sinking ship?

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