Don Wildman from Cities of the Underworld

Don Wildman

Don Wildman has spent decades on television addressing the eternal question, “What happened here?” An impassioned history adventurer, Wildman’s on-camera investigations attempt to shine new light on the most vexing mysteries of our past. Whether diving icebergs in Newfoundland, slogging through London’s labyrinthine sewers or scaling majestic mountains in Ethiopia, Wildman delves deep as he journeys to the ends of the Earth, traveling to history’s hardest places, where fascinating tales are told against fabled backdrops and human intrigue is carved into walls.

This August, in a brand-new Cities of the Underworld on History Channel, Wildman descends once more into a subterranean realm of twisted tunnels, musty tombs, and claustrophobic caves, dispatched on a global quest to shine his flickering light on long-held secrets, best deciphered in the dark.