Cities Of The Underworld

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Episode 7 Secrets of the Ancient Metropolis
S 4 E 7

Secrets of the Ancient Metropolis

Aired on Oct 19, 2021

Don explores the massive underground cities in the mountains of Turkey that may have been home to the first civilization on Earth.

Episode 6 Templars and the Founding Fathers
S 4 E 6

Templars and the Founding Fathers

Aired on Oct 12, 2021

Don goes deep beneath a Knights Templar stronghold in Turkey to explore a provocative theory that may link the fabled secret society to the founding fathers of America.

Episode 5 The Pirate Queen's Lair
S 4 E 5

The Pirate Queen's Lair

Aired on Oct 05, 2021

Don explores newly discovered ruins and caves in Croatia as he uncovers the true story of a formidable queen who dared to defy the powerful Roman Empire.

Episode 4 America's Ancient Ancestors
S 4 E 4

America's Ancient Ancestors

Aired on Sep 28, 2021

Don goes deep beneath the great lakes and explores flooded caves as he searches for evidence of a mysterious, cave-dwelling society that may have been the first people to reach America.

Episode 3 Murder Tunnels
S 4 E 3

Murder Tunnels

Aired on Sep 21, 2021

Don uses brand new mapping technology to expose the dark and deadly uncharted spaces beneath American cities.

Episode 2 America's Military Underground
S 4 E 2

America's Military Underground

Aired on Sep 14, 2021

Don explores top-secret military and government tunnels and looks into classified technology that could be used to build entire cities…right under our feet.

Episode 1 Mayan Apocalypse
S 4 E 1

Mayan Apocalypse

Aired on Sep 07, 2021

Don Wildman explores deep below ancient ruins as he searches for clues pointing to the true fate of the once-mighty Mayan empire.

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