Season 1 (8)

10 Seasons | 243 Episodes, 171 Unlocked

Episode 8 The Moro Kris
S 1 E 8

The Moro Kris

Aired on Aug 10, 2015
The bladesmiths must forge a signature weapon using everyday steel objects like ball bearings and shovels as their only source material. One contestant puts finishing his weapon before his own safety in a heated race to the finish. Only two competitors will move on and are given just five days to forge the mystical Moro Kris Sword--a distinctive blade that dates all the way back to 300 BC.
Episode 7 The Roman Gladius
S 1 E 7

The Roman Gladius

Aired on Aug 03, 2015
Four bladesmiths heat, hammer and grind their way through a first round challenge where they must transform a steel ball bearing into a fully functional weapon. After a grueling round of tests that literally breaks a blade in two, the finalists get the opportunity to create one of the most important weapons from history, the Roman Gladius.
Episode 6 The Elizabethan Rapier
S 1 E 6

The Elizabethan Rapier

Aired on Jul 27, 2015
The forge heats up as the bladesmiths must use an age-old technique to create their signature weapons. But will their swords make the cut when the judges put them through a battery of tests? Two finalists head to their home forges to make one of history's most notorious weapons, the rapier, a sharply pointed sword that can kill with just one thrust.
Episode 5 Crusader Sword
S 1 E 5

Crusader Sword

Aired on Jul 20, 2015

The forge heats up as our four bladesmiths struggle create a special Japanese hardening technique on their signature blades. After a difficult first round of testing, the remaining two bladesmiths head home with just five days to forge the legendary Crusader Sword. With their battle-ready weapons in hand, they’re put through a brutal round of medieval testing; but only one can emerge victorious and be crown the Forged in Fire Champion.

Episode 4 Katar
S 1 E 4


Aired on Jul 13, 2015
For this week's challenge the competitors create their signature blade by using the Hada technique--a traditional process that involves forging multiple layers of steel together. The pressure mounts as one of the smiths is pushed to his absolute breaking point. In the final round, two competitors go head to head to create one of the series' most unusual weapons.
Episode 3 Viking Battle Axe
S 1 E 3

Viking Battle Axe

Aired on Jul 06, 2015
The bladesmiths must transform a steel "train spring" into a weapon of their choosing. Only two competitors will move on and are given just five days to forge a legendary Viking Battle Axe. After a barbaric round of testing from the judges, only one man will be left standing.
Episode 2 Chakram
S 1 E 2


Aired on Jun 29, 2015

Four bladesmiths must forge a weapon using only reclaimed metal. With the clock winding down, two of the competitors are dramatically forced to improvise, and one almost doesn’t make it through the round at all. The finalists head to their home forges to make an ancient Indian Chakram, and they return with two very different interpretations of that deadly, circular throwing weapon. But only one stands up to the judges’ dynamic battery of tests.

Episode 1 Japanese Katana
S 1 E 1

Japanese Katana

Aired on Jun 22, 2015

In this explosive new series, four bladesmiths will compete for $10,000 and the title of Forged in Fire champion. Across three grueling rounds, competitors design and forge deadly edged-weapons of war. Their work will be put to the test, and those that fail will be sent home. In the final round, the two remaining bladesmiths must forge one of the most iconic weapons from history; the Japanese Katana. Their swords will be pushed to the absolute limit…the final test will determine which is stronger; their Katanas or a speeding bullet?

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