Episode 1 Party Animals
S 1 E 1

Party Animals

Aired on Jul 17, 2022

When it comes to throwing parties, history’s richest figures have always picked going big over going home. Meet the mega-millionaires who hosted parties so epic that they’re still being talked about today.

Episode 2 Epic Collections
S 1 E 2

Epic Collections

Aired on Jul 17, 2022

When you’re one of the richest people to ever live, no price is too high to pay for an object of desire, no matter how expensive – or strange – it may be. Fine art, rare books, and extremely large coconuts are all on display in this episode about the greatest collections in history.

Episode 3 Expensive Tastes
S 1 E 3

Expensive Tastes

Aired on Jul 24, 2022

Lavish dining is the epitome of living it up. These are the mega-moneyed gourmands who spent jaw-dropping sums in pursuit of the rarest, the richest, and the most forbidden food and drink money could buy.

Episode 4 Dangerous Game
S 1 E 4

Dangerous Game

Aired on Jul 24, 2022

The prized possessions of some of history’s richest, most powerful people haven’t been castles, jewels, or fine art. It’s something more exotic, endangered even, with the ability to bite back. Meet the monarchs and millionaires who spent their fortunes collecting wild animals.

Episode 5 Gold Fever
S 1 E 5

Gold Fever

Aired on Jul 31, 2022

Gold has always been the ultimate status symbol. It’s beautiful, virtually indestructible, and above all, incredibly rare. For these ancient figures, acquiring–and spending–huge stockpiles of gold was an all-consuming passion.

Episode 6 Maximum Security
S 1 E 6

Maximum Security

Aired on Jul 31, 2022

The philosopher Biggie Smalls once said, mo money, mo problems–and no problem has loomed larger for history’s crazy rich than how to keep themselves–and their multi-million dollar homes–safe and secure. These three figures broke the bank on security features designed to prevent break-ins.

Episode 7 Unreal Estates
S 1 E 7

Unreal Estates

Aired on Aug 07, 2022

We expect homes of rich people to be nice. We expect the homes of extremely rich people to be remarkable. As for these three crazy rich ancients? They built palaces that are literally some of the largest, most luxurious buildings to ever grace the surface of the earth.

Episode 8 Mega Mausoleums
S 1 E 8

Mega Mausoleums

Aired on Aug 14, 2022

Here’s a stone cold fact that not even the richest mega-millionaires can avoid: we’re all gonna die. These ancients realized they were destined to spend more time in the tomb than the throne room and spent big to build luxurious final resting places for themselves and their loved ones.

Episode 9 Power Couples
S 1 E 9

Power Couples

Aired on Aug 21, 2022

The average American couple will drop five figures on their wedding. That wouldn’t even begin to cover the tab that these big spending couples racked up while throwing history’s most baller nuptial celebrations.

Episode 10 Holy Rollers
S 1 E 10

Holy Rollers

Aired on Aug 28, 2022

The Bible says it’s harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven, but that didn’t stop these high rollers from trying. Meet the ancients who bankrolled the construction of massive churches and temples in an attempt to buy their way past the pearly gates.

Episode 11 Sick Rides
S 1 E 11

Sick Rides

Aired on Sep 04, 2022

Whether it’s private planes, private trains, or gold-plated limousines, the mega-rich have always flaunted their wealth by buying luxury vehicles. Even when the only vehicles to buy were boats, chariots, and horse-drawn carriages.

Episode 12 We Built This City
S 1 E 12

We Built This City

Aired on Sep 04, 2022

All rich people have the money to build a dream house. The richest people who have ever lived have the resources to dream a lot bigger. These industrial tycoons wouldn’t settle for building a single home because they had the resources–and power–to create entire cities from scratch.

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