Holy Marvels with Dennis Quaid

Holy Marvels with Dennis Quaid

New Series Mon. June 3 10/9c; Stream Next Day

Explore the remarkable history behind some of the world’s most sacred holy relics.

About the Show

A powerful spear said to make its wielder invincible. A gilded wooden box thought capable of laying waste to enemies. A treasured cup believed to have miraculous healing abilities. For centuries, there have been possessions, weapons, places, and even human bones considered to be precious mystical objects. These one-of-a-kind wonders are revered by cultures all around the world, and have been sought after by everyone from emperors, popes and tyrants, to generals, archaeologists, and treasure hunters.

HOLY MARVELS WITH DENNIS QUAID is an exciting new series that digs deep into the remarkable stories behind these awe-inspiring artifacts, their creation, the mysteries of their incredible powers, and the unforgettable adventures to find them.

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