Season 2 (14)

11 Seasons | 142 Episodes

Episode 1 Road to Season 2
S 2 E 1

Road to Season 2

Aired on Jun 01, 2008
On one of the coldest frontiers on the planet, the Ice Road Truckers brave treacherous terrain to deliver crucial supplies to northern diamond mines. Take a look back at the highs and lows of the first season, as Hugh, Alex, Drew, Jay, Rick and T.J. seek their fortune driving big rigs over thin ice. Get a sneak peek of season two, where the truckers return to the road, but this time it's over the Arctic Ocean and it's leading them to the edge of the Earth.
Episode 2 Edge of the Earth
S 2 E 2

Edge of the Earth

Aired on Jun 08, 2008

This year, four ice road truckers return from last season to join Arctic veterans as they venture 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle to drive the most isolated and dangerous ice roads in North America.

Episode 3 Mechanical Mayhem
S 2 E 3

Mechanical Mayhem

Aired on Jun 15, 2008

After just two days in the Arctic, the critical demands of the oil exploration sites are testing the limits of the truckers and their machines.

Episode 4 The Big Blizzard
S 2 E 4

The Big Blizzard

Aired on Jun 22, 2008

The Ice Road Truckers hit one of the most intense blizzards in recent years.

Episode 5 Arctic Whiteout
S 2 E 5

Arctic Whiteout

Aired on Jun 29, 2008

The Ice Road Truckers face a blizzard while attempting to move seven million pounds of iron, cross an ocean, and transfer loads on time.

Episode 6 Lost on the Ice
S 2 E 6

Lost on the Ice

Aired on Jul 06, 2008

The Ice Road Truckers race to move seven million pounds in 96-hours while one trucker loses his way.

Episode 7 Hundred Ton Haul
S 2 E 7

Hundred Ton Haul

Aired on Jul 13, 2008

The pressure of the ice builds as the Ice Road Truckers prepare to haul the heaviest load of the season.

Episode 8 Man Down
S 2 E 8

Man Down

Aired on Jul 06, 2008

The Ice Road Truckers prepare themselves for dangerous territories as Alex’s health continues to deteriorate.

Episode 9 A Trucker's Farewell
S 2 E 9

A Trucker's Farewell

Aired on Jul 27, 2008

The race to dismantle the Mallik Research site before the ice road melts has the truckers hauling away equipment piece-by-piece.

Episode 10 A Rookie Fumbles
S 2 E 10

A Rookie Fumbles

Aired on Aug 03, 2008

Medical issues threaten some of the Ice Road Truckers as the Arctic veterans take on the challenge of hauling the final loads.

Episode 11 Highway Maggots
S 2 E 11

Highway Maggots

Aired on Aug 10, 2008

Eric and Hugh continue to vie for the title of King of the Ice Road as Kurt escorts a convoy of highway maggots safely off the road.

Episode 12 Man vs. Ice
S 2 E 12

Man vs. Ice

Aired on Aug 17, 2008

One wrong move could spell disaster for Hugh, who is hauling a back-heavy rig, as Rookie Devon Neff makes his debut run.

Episode 13 The Big Thaw
S 2 E 13

The Big Thaw

Aired on Aug 24, 2008

Jody and Brett take on the challenge of removing the 66-ton derrick from the Langley site, which has to be two trucked; one truck will make the entire journey traveling backwards on the disintegrating arctic ice.

Episode 15 The World Crumbles
S 2 E 15

The World Crumbles

Aired on Sep 07, 2008

Warm waters from the south and an arctic whiteout threaten the Ice Road Truckers’ last day of the season.

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