Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers

S 3 E 1

Deadliest Ice Road

May 31, 2009 | 43m 50s | tv-pg l | CC

Day 1 of the new Ice Road season begins. There are 6,000 loads of freight to move in just 12 weeks to the oil camps of Alaska’s North Slope. The 400 plus miles stretch from Fairbanks to the remote outpost of Deadhorse, and is fraught with harrowing danger from steep mountain ice, to frozen tundra and the treacherous ice roads of the Arctic Ocean. From unexpected weather, virtual whiteouts and treacherous terrain, this is by far the most death defying route to date. So few drivers are qualified–or willing–to brave this perilous journey. Dispatchers are forced to look as far as Canada for Ice Road experts. Enter Hugh “The Polar Bear” Rowland and Alex Debogorski, the two titans and archrivals of the Canadian Ice Roads. But can they cut it in Alaska?

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