Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers

S 3 E 10

Ocean Run

Aug 02, 2009 | 44m 59s | tv-pg l | CC

There’s only two weeks left to pull in the big bucks and get all the loads to the oil fields. Hugh’s impatience with his trainer driver Phil’s slow pace nearly causes him to spin out on one of the steep slopes of the Atigun Pass–a place where the slightest misstep can send a truck over the cliff. In Fairbanks, Lisa, who has a reputation for fast driving, decides to convoy on her next load with veteran George Spears and rookie Tim Freeman, who refer to themselves as “Slow and Slower.” On the road, Lisa spins out, forcing her to back down a hill–while traffic in both directions comes to a complete standstill. Alex delivers a load to Deadhorse, equaling Hugh Rowland’s load count. Determined to take the lead, Alex immediately takes a back haul assignment, but the load isn’t strapped securely and threatens to fall off.

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