Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers

S 3 E 5

Accident Alley

Jun 28, 2009 | 44m 32s | tv-pg l | CC

Another winter storm drops nearly a foot of fresh, new snow, obscuring the road south. Veteran driver Jack and the less experienced Lisa are determined to not lose any more time or money this season. They set out for Fairbanks before the snowplows even arrive. Further north on the haul road, that same blizzard causes a major collision near the icy hill called “Slope Mountain.” Tow truck driver Ben Krsykowski carefully pulls a truck cab and trailer back up on the road–knowing that the slightest spark could set off a massive explosion. Canadian ice road truckers Hugh and Alex try to complete their first solo runs. Hugh is ahead in this race–he reached Deadhorse the day before–while Alex continues to have mechanical problems. After safely reaching Fairbanks, Jack takes off again with a towering pipe rack–a load that barely clears the traffic lights in town. Finally reaching his destination with this precarious freight–he has a close encounter with a 1,100-pound moose.

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