Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers

S 6 E 12

Battle Lines

Aug 19, 2012 | 43m 41s | tv-14 l | CC

Rick returns to find the Winter Roads even more brutal and unforgiving than before, but he puts both his and Hugh s season in jeopardy when he crashes into a superintendent of the road. In Alaska, Austin s been given the toughest challenge of his Dalton career–five 85 foot sections of long pipe–and getting the load to Prudhoe Bay is a battle between the 23-year-old s skill and overconfidence. Jack Jessee s got a special delivery off the Dalton, and with temperatures on the north slope hovering near negative 50, Porkchop is sent along to help Jack get the job done. But Porkchop s desire to get ahead in the load count gets the better of him, and a reckless decision leaves Jack furious and alone at 50 below. But the cold temperatures also have Darrell Ward fighting to stay warm when his truck dies on the frigid north slope.

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