Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers

S 6 E 16

The Final Showdown

Sep 23, 2012 | 43m 22s | tv-14 l | CC

Spring comes to the top of the world as across North America, drivers are racing to deliver the last loads of the season before the ice melts away. On the Dalton, the load count race is too close to call as Jack and Darrell race neck and neck, but an aggressive move by Darrell Ward leaves Jack Jessee in the dust, and has the ace wondering if he s lost the load count title. Austin Wheeler gets another chance to end his season strong when his truck comes out of the shop, but the giant modular building he s hauling may be too much for his failing engine to handle. Alex Debogorski has to cross the ocean with supplies for the village of Tuktoyaktuk, but the arctic breakup has the ice shattering beneath his wheels, forcing him to do the one thing drivers are never supposed to do: stop on the ice. On the Winter Roads, Hugh and Rick return to Winnipeg to cash out, but a season s worth of bad blood leads to an explosive showdown with Polar Industries owner Mark Kohaykewich.

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