Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers

S 6 E 5

Desperate Measures

Jul 01, 2012 | 43m 29s | tv-14 l | CC

With the Dalton shut down, every haul road driver fights to make their delivery as the DOT scrambles to reopen the road. Austin spent the night on the north slope after going into the ditch. Darrell is up early to keep his lead in the load count. But a tragic wreck changes his plans. Jack wakes up in Coldfoot after being forced to remove two wheels from his trailer and news of the wreck has him scrambling for information. While the rest of the Dalton drivers fight the remnants of the storm, Porkchop is miles away in Fairbanks after being pulled off the road by Lane. On the Dempster, Alex is racing south to get another load, but the storm that recently ravaged the Dalton is headed for the Yukon. Alex must race the storm to make it south and back before the road shuts down. In Manitoba, the brutally warm condition of the winter roads have made driving nearly impossible. Hugh and Rick are doubling down, taking on a load of two massive cement trucks.

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