Season 1 (9)

2 Seasons | 19 Episodes

Episode 1 Nightmare in a Box
S 1 E 1

Nightmare in a Box

Aired on Nov 12, 2019

In a Bolivian jungle, Adam and Caveman Rob pursue the fabled Executioner Wasp, Warrior Wasp, and Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula. One causes a medical emergency, and another delivers a nightmarish bite that leaves Adam’s arm partially paralyzed.

Episode 2 Stinging Punishment
S 1 E 2

Stinging Punishment

Aired on Nov 19, 2019

Adam and Caveman Rob head to South Africa to face the giant Bark Scorpion, the tiny Uroplectes Scorpion, and the highly venomous Lion Fish. Big pain comes in small packages, and the effects of marine animals’ toxins are truly the next level of pain.

Episode 3 Fairy of Death
S 1 E 3

Fairy of Death

Aired on Nov 26, 2019

In Mexico, Adam and Caveman Rob tango with 2 torturous animals-including one that topped Justin Schmidt’s pain scale. The guys up the stakes by covering their hands with hundreds of Harvester ants and 2 Pain Index records are shattered.

Episode 4 World of Hurt
S 1 E 4

World of Hurt

Aired on Dec 03, 2019

In Africa, Adam and Caveman Rob search for the Nile Monitor Lizard and the Velvet Ant but are attacked by an even deadlier animal and are lucky to escape with their lives. The guys experience a brutal bite that makes them question their mission.

Episode 5 Point of the Dead
S 1 E 5

Point of the Dead

Aired on Dec 10, 2019

A dangerous underwater hunt for the potentially deadly Scorpion Fish in the Baja California ocean leads to a toxic sting that puts Adam in danger and matches the highest pain score to date, while the Toe biter results in the weirdest pain profile yet.

Episode 6 Fire Down Below
S 1 E 6

Fire Down Below

Aired on Dec 17, 2019

Adam and Caveman Rob journey to the Asian island of Bali and face off with the Fire Urchin that almost knocks out Caveman Rob, and the Rove Beetle, which surpasses the record for the highest pain score to date and causes permanent damage.

Episode 7 Big Box of Pain
S 1 E 7

Big Box of Pain

Aired on Jan 07, 2020
The guys encounter two legendary creatures of the Amazon: the Bullet Ant and the flesh eating Piranha. After hours of pain from the Bullet Ant, Caveman Rob dips his blood covered arm in a tank of Piranhas. What follows is a bloody and painful mess.
Episode 8 Execution Day
S 1 E 8

Execution Day

Aired on Jan 14, 2020
Adam and Caveman Rob wrap up the season in Indonesia, with the two worst bites to date, from a Giant Asian Centipede and a 16-foot Reticulated Python. Vomiting, stitches, and rivers of blood make them ask if they are able to continue their research.
Episode 9 Behind the Bites
S 1 E 9

Behind the Bites

Aired on Jan 14, 2020

This special episode spotlights the most compelling and dangerous moments from Adam and Caveman Rob’s journey to expand upon Justin Schmidt’s original pain index.

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