Lost U-Boats of WWII

The hunt for lost Nazi U-Boats, and the treasures they carried, is on.

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During the second world war, the Nazis looted everything they could get their hands on, including an estimated 600 tons of gold, thousands of pieces of artwork, and millions of priceless artifacts. While some of these items have been found, much of it remains missing.

Treasure hunter Darrell Miklos believes some of these stolen riches were loaded into specially modified U-Boats that are currently lying at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. His evidence: two top-secret documents acquired over 40 years of research. The first document is a set of classified blueprints obtained by his father, world-renowned treasure hunter Roger Miklos, from former Nazi U-Boat commanders in East Berlin. They illustrate how these modified U-Boats used their torpedo tubes to carry cargo. Darrell suspects that that cargo was Nazi loot. The second document is a chart Darrell acquired from a former U.S. Navy pilot whose job was to search for Nazi U-Boats in the Caribbean. The pilot identified the possible locations of seven sunken U-boats near the Dominican Republic.

Using these documents as his guide, Darrell and his team of divers and researchers are setting out to find these lost U-Boats and answer questions decades in the making. Can this chart lead them to the modified U-boats? Were they carrying valuable treasures and secrets? And where were they headed…and why?

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