Man Vs History

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Preview 3 The Real Houdini

The Real Houdini

Premieres on Aug 03, 2021

Daredevils have always captured our imaginations and the stories of their feats have grown into superhuman myths that persist to this day. Incredible stories that we want to believe but seem downright impossible. Bil pursues the truth around America’s most iconic stunts by pulling his very own Houdini, testing if it’s possible to survive a plunge over Niagara Falls, and investigates daredevil pioneer Bessie Coleman’s controversial demise.

Episode 2 Steel Drivin' John Henry
S 1 E 2

Steel Drivin' John Henry

Aired on Jul 27, 2021

Great American folk tales have been passed down for generations, often through word of mouth. While many of the stories snowball into legends over the years, most contain at least a kernel of truth. Bil tries to find that truth as he explores the claim that John Henry out-drilled a steam-powered drill, uncovers if Johnny Appleseed is truly responsible for all our delicious apples, and checks if a mythical cowboy really rode a cougar and wielded a rattlesnake as his lasso.

Episode 1 Billy the Kid's Great Escape
S 1 E 1

Billy the Kid's Great Escape

Aired on Jul 20, 2021

Images of the Wild West are inscribed in the American DNA. We’ve been raised on tales of cowboys with great nicknames dueling it out and then riding off into the sunset. We’ve consumed so much fiction about the Wild West, it’s time to get down to the facts. In search of the truth, Bil Lepp, puts Billy the Kid’s famous escape to the test, attempts Annie Oakley’s most difficult shot and investigates the validity of the “Tombstone Thunderbird.”

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