Modern Marvels

Modern Marvel marks the machines that continue to improve our lives and economy!

About the Show

History favorite Modern Marvels is back…this time celebrating the incredible machines that continue to improve our lives and power the global economy! Follow along as Adam Richman crisscrosses the country to discover how these incredible machines are made, what they do, and sometimes how what they do is make other machines! But for all of them, the ingenuity is something to applaud, and the process is a mesmerizing marvel. With exclusive access to the most well-known and beloved global industry titans, and the most promising up-and-coming small-town entrepreneurs, Richman will pull the curtain back on every step of the process. The machines found across America and the world tell the story of inspiration and innovation, they’re built to solve problems and elevate our lives and you’ll see them all on Modern Marvels: Machines.

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