Modern Marvels

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Season 19 (4)

20 Seasons | 179 Episodes

Episode 1 Adventure Machines
S 19 E 1

Adventure Machines

Aired on Jul 25, 2021

Adrenaline runs high when Adam Richman visits the factory where Yamaha makes ATVs, Waverunners and more. Then, we get an inside look at a company built to get people sky-high in paramotors, as well as amusement park Diggerland USA, a place you have to see to believe. Can mech-suits become the sport of the future? Plus, learn all about a personal submarine built for under-sea sightseeing for two.

Episode 2 Heavy Machinery
S 19 E 2

Heavy Machinery

Aired on Aug 01, 2021

Adam learns the true meaning of “heavy” when he visits legendary heavy equipment manufacturer: John Deere. Big machines do big jobs and he gets an inside look at how top brands like SANY and JCB are pushing the envelope on what these machines can do. Then, we’ll take a nostalgic look at where many fell in love with heavy machinery, TONKA TRUCKS! Plus, we get the inside scoop on massive mining machines that can skim mere inches or scour literal truckloads of material at a time.

Episode 3 Moving America
S 19 E 3

Moving America

Aired on Aug 08, 2021

To see how people, products, and more move around America, Adam Richman explores how a legendary long-hauler meticulously custom-builds each truck at Daimler. Then, flying cars may finally be a reality, but will helicopters that cost the same as pick-up trucks carry the day? And find out how we might be zipping around the country in tubes! Plus, see how the iconic Union Pacific railroad is preserving the past while chugging into the future.

Episode 4 Power Tools
S 19 E 4

Power Tools

Aired on Aug 15, 2021

Adam Richman visits power tool manufacturing “mecca” Dewalt, where he discovers how they’re using cutting edge technology to make cutting edge tools. Then, he goes back in time to uncover how one of America’s oldest power tools is still cutting! Next, it’s time to recharge as he finds out how power tools have changed the world, from the outer reaches of space to deep under the ocean, to pit crews racing cars and rescue teams racing time.

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