Season 4 (4)

19 Seasons | 177 Episodes, 2 Unlocked

 29 Engineering Disasters
S 4 E 29

Engineering Disasters

Aired on Feb 22, 1999

From the Colossus of Rhodes and Egypt’s pyramids to the Hoover Dam and the Space Shuttle, mankind has celebrated the work of engineers. But what happens when their calculations prove wrong? From Hammurabi, who passed the first building laws, to today’s potential disasters that can wipe out a whole city, we review engineering mistakes.

 28 History Of Tall Buildings
S 4 E 28

History Of Tall Buildings

Aired on Feb 08, 1999

A look up at the symbol of the American Century–the skyscraper, the construction of which is a triumph of engineering and capitalism. Climb to the top of the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Sears Tower, and World Trade Center to see how ego, money, and technology joined to build the tallest of man-made structures.

Episode 26 Airships
S 4 E 26


Aired on Jan 18, 1999

The crash of the Hindenburg puts an end to the era of zeppelins.

 22 Mail Delivery: Erasing The Miles
S 4 E 22

Mail Delivery: Erasing The Miles

Aired on Dec 23, 1998

Through rain, snow, heat, or gloom of night, we expect postmen to deliver the mail. The U.S. Post Office handles over 603-million pieces of mail daily. Yet it represents only 43% of the world’s total mail volume. From ancient Sumerians to Pony Express, from airmail to E-mail, we follow the long journey of mail.

Episode 21 Stereos
S 4 E 21


Aired on Dec 16, 1998

It has become a new dimension in entertainment. It pulls us into the center of the action with explosive sounds and computer controlled audio design. From it’s humble beginnings in the basements of amateurs, stereo has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Episode 18 Weather Prediction
S 4 E 18

Weather Prediction

Aired on Dec 07, 1998

A study of the discoveries, inventions, and technological advances that have helped us understand and predict weather accurately. From simple observations made by early humans, to early instruments such as thermometers and barometers, to Doppler radar and satellite imaging, we’ll see how man has tried to harness weather.

Episode 13 Extreme Sports Gadgets
S 4 E 13

Extreme Sports Gadgets

Aired on Nov 04, 1998

To run faster, jump higher, and play longer–the ultimate goal of all athletes. But when training runs its course, science and technology jump in. Explore the history and technological advances in everything from athletic shoes to football gear. And leap into a future filled with radar-enhanced baseballs and virtual-reality stadiums.

 10 Antibiotics: The Wonder Drugs
S 4 E 10

Antibiotics: The Wonder Drugs

Aired on Sep 28, 1998

In 1941, penicillin was first used to save human life. But now, bacteria has emerged resistant to every known antibiotic, and scientists have begun to fear that the era of the wonder drugs is near to its end.

 7 U.S. Mints: Money Machines
S 4 E 7

U.S. Mints: Money Machines

Aired on Sep 10, 1998
History of the U.S. Mint and the Bureau of Printing and Engraving.
 6 Plumbing: The Arteries Of Civilization
S 4 E 6

Plumbing: The Arteries Of Civilization

Aired on Sep 02, 1998
Plumbing; it's the arteries of civilization, surging with life-giving water and tons of waste. It feeds the fixtures that spoil us and flushes us with pride. It's potential is explosive and it's history overflows with innovation.
 3 The Great Bridge: 8 Miles Of Steel
S 4 E 3

The Great Bridge: 8 Miles Of Steel

Aired on Aug 10, 1998
The Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco boasts more superlatives than any bridge on earth. Bridge builders of the depression era defied logic and economics and succeeded in building an 8 mile long structure connecting Oakland and San Francisco. Engineer Charles Purcell built two suspension bridges side by side on the San Francisco side of the bay, then built the largest bore tunnel in the world to connect the west side with Oakland's eastern shores. A cantilever bridge and a truss section connect the tunnel with the eastern shore. Twenty-two men plunged to their death building the bridge, as diver bill reed risked his life helping to position the giant concrete foundations far below the waterline. Once completed, the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge soon became the busiest bridge on earth, carrying more than 280,000 cars every day.
 2 Las Vegas Hotels
S 4 E 2

Las Vegas Hotels

Aired on Aug 03, 1998

Out of the bleakness of a vast desert arose a city built on indulgence, opulence and wish fulfillment. Unencumbered by tradition or notions of good taste, a neon filled paradise has grown according to the whims of culture and the dictates of commerce. For fifty years Las Vegas has taken its visitors to the edge of their imaginations, transporting them to glamorous Hollywood, decadent Rome, the wind-swept South Seas, ancient Egypt, and bustling New York City. Within one medium-sized city stands eleven of the world’s twelve largest hotels-gateways to the biggest playground on earth.

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